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Sunday, February 17, 2008

THE WACKO NRA..............

I enjoy reading newspaper headlines about kids going
into their schools and shooting and killing lots of innocent
kids,, of disgruntled mailmen shooting their co-workers,,
or bank robbers,, thieves,, killers and nutsos,,
shooting everybody…......NOT…

The initials NRA in case you don’t know stands for,,
National Rifle Association…their motto is
‘guns don’t kill people,, people do’,, what great logic,,
give a wacko nutso a fully loaded carbine and he wouldn’t go out
and shoot anybody,, no he’ll just put it on his mantelpiece,,
and show it to his friends while their playing canasta…
Unfortunately for you and me,, the living,, the NRA is protected
by the Constitution of this fair land,, every American has the
right to bear arms,, it says so right there in the Constitution…
No way to get around that,, and I doubt very much if it will
ever be amended anytime ever…

The Constitution was written about 230 yrs ago,, it was a time
when it was necessary to own a gun…Mainly for hunting to get
ones dinner,, and also it was a time when nations were building
empires around the globe,, so when our nation was formed it
had a lot of potential enemies,, and at that time we had no
standing army…Guns then were just 1 shot weapons,,
you had to be very fast at loading them just to get 3 shots off
in a minute,, and they weren’t very accurate,, nor as deadly
as our modern guns are today…

Today’s world is much,, much different…National boundaries
have all been set,, there is no more empire building,, we have a
standing army,, navy and air-force to protect us…We also have
an internal police force in every city,, to protect individuals
against the nutsos in our society…So owning a gun is not really
needed…I’d like to see a fully armed NRA member stand up
and fight against an invading modern army,, wouldn’t be much
of a contest… But,, lets face it,, we’re never going to outlaw gun
ownership,, too many out there already and there’s just too
much money to be made selling them…But I wonder,,
why it is that its so easy to buy one?…No where in the Constitution
does it say that it should be easy to get one,, it just says that you
have the right to bear arms…

I have in my wallet a card that permits me to drive on our
nations highways and byways,, my drivers license…It has my
photo on it,, my name and my address on it…I have to take a
written test to get it,, and an eye examine,, and I have to prove
that I know how to drive by taking a driving test…
A car license is something I need…A gun I don’t…So why is it
that these same requirements can not be applied to owning a gun…
It wouldn’t stop you from owning a gun…
Why not require gun owners to have their photo taken,,
have them pass a written test on gun safety or maybe have
to take some class time,, and take em out back of the gun store
to see if they even know how to operate a gun…
Every gun made should also have a ballistics test fire,, so that
when a bullet shows up in the body of a convenience store teller
it can be traced to the exact gun it came from…
Why not?...Sounds like a simple sane way to license gun
ownership to me…

Somebody please tell me why it is that I have so many
restrictions on me when I own a car or when I drive a car…
Gun owners have almost no restrictions on them…You know
its pretty hard for me to hide in the bushes when I’m driving
a Ford or a Chevy,, and I doubt every much if I could sneak up
behind you when I’m driving…Also I doubt if I can kill you
with my car when I’m a block away,, or drop my car on you
when I’m in a third floor apartment…………….........

Special editors note:
I wrote this blog before Christmas 2007,, and now with
all the shootings in our schools I think its
kind of appropriate…don’t you?..................


Lorelei said...

Aren't you too old to drive anyway? [giggle]

Swubird said...

Very well written, and very timely. Yes, I think it was a good thing that you posted it now. Maybe a few people will rethink the whole gun issue. There must be some alternative to make people feel safe without actually owning a gun. One thing I guess - is to make damn well sure that the bad guys don't have guns either! But I don't know what people think they are going to do if they encounter a truly bad guy who is trying to kill them. If you shoot the guy, you'd better have an iron clad story, because if you don't, you're going to jail!

Thanks for the post.

Drowsey Monkey said...

Very true. I don't understand people's love of guns. Sometimes when I hear NRA people talking on tv it's scares the hell out of me...I just don't get it.

Catz said...

Something that makes sense!
Are you feeling okay gt?

Drowsey Monkey said...

lol @ catz.

gt281 said...

To Drowsey:
Yes,, I lol at Catz too...

gt281 said...

OMG,, crabs can giggle...what next
men to the moon?.....

Bob Johnson said...

Very well said! totally agree, us Canadians are agreeable non-violent people.

The Faerie♥Kat said...

I think they made a typographical error; it really was meant to read "right to bare arms," which makes perfect sense as they all came from a dull, rainy country and were in dire need of a true farmer's tan, and that eventually did become part of our great national heritage.

gt281 said...

To FaerieKat:
We here in the land of the frozen cornstalks will not be able to 'bare arms' until around the
middle of August,, unlike some who dwell in the Jebland.....