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Thursday, February 7, 2008

SHES HOT & SHES MINE...........

I know she’ll be waiting for me
As she always is
I grab her up and take her to
My special place
Slowly I undo her wrap
It falls away easily as it has many
Times before
I can see her now
A beauty before me
Warm and inviting
Her fragrance is intoxicating
I take hold of her now
And bring her to me
Holding her firmly in my hands
She’s warm to the touch
I can see her clearly now
She’s moist,, and ready for me
Should I hurry or savor the moment?
Slowly slowly
Just a little nibble on the right
Then a little nibble to the left
A mixture of flavors overwhelm me
She is all mine,, no one else can have her
I can’t hold back any longer
I must have her
All too soon its over,, a delight
I close my eyes just for a moment
And then I know she is gone
The essence of her has vanished too quickly

Oh well,, I better eat my fries before
they get cold…good thing I got biggie sized…

Don’t you just love fast food……………


Drowsey Monkey said...

Have you tried eHarmony?

Catz said...

have you had your meds checked lately? Might be time for an upgrade.

gt281 said...

To Drowsey:
To Catz:
Don't tell me that my story of eating a fast food hamburger got you two all hot and bothered...
It must be a lot worse than I thought up there in the lands of the frozen tundras...

Lorelei said...

I take mine with no pickles or onions, and extra ketchup. I know the pleasure you describe... [salivates]

gt281 said...

To Lorelei:
aaaaahhhhh yessss,, I'll put you down for a Big-Mac with onion rings
instead of fries...
You know there are some people,,
I won't mention Drowseys or Catz name,, who actually thought I was
talking about something else...
I guess seal burgers in the land of the Nanooks don't taste very good......

The_Mrs said...

I love fries, but they don't love me. At least not like that.

gt281 said...

To theMRS:
how did you get way down here?...are you one of those people that actually read posts? or
did you just get lost?...

fries aren't very tasty anymore do to fast food joints using 'good for me' fryin oil and no salt...

thanks for the visit,, come back again,, if you like to be annoyed by a "LOON"....visit enough and you might end up in one of my've been warned...