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Friday, January 11, 2008


Blaring trumpets and beating drums
Mighty warriors stirred to gallantry
Whispers of violins,, flutes,, and clarinets
Make fairies seem to dance
In loud triumph or quiet melody
Music makes quiet the beast within
Colored waves of emotions power

Cannons roar and swans pirouette
Worlds of magic melodic sounds
Music vibrates the unyielding heart to weep
Harmonies of whirling cosmic spheres
Themes for villains,, heroes,, beauty and beast
Ragging torrents for battle sounds
Trumpets give the call forward one and all
A symphony of sounds gathered
Notes left scattered apon the wind

Guitars electrifying the crowds
Cords of sweet romance for the balcony
A pause,, a rest,, a crescendo,, a diminuendo
Emotions given a musical voice
Shadow melodies playing in your mind
Contained within a synapse tapestry

Weeping violas and soulful cellos
No words to be found,, tis only sound
Wisps of energy played far and near
Echoes of lovers locked in an embrace
Serenades for quite days
Trombones of marching parades
Currents vibrating the wind as it calls to you
Then it fades away………..........


DrowseyMonkey said...

That's very beautiful.

gt281 said...

To Drowsey:
Hitting the Baileys a little early tonight are we??.........


Bob Johnson said...

Wow, very nice, music is too cool.

DrowseyMonkey said...

I just re-read it stone cold's still there.

gt281 said...

To Drowsey:
OK,, I admit it,, I had a weak girlie moment,, and was high on fingernail polish...sue me...

Catz said...

Very nice, but I really can't stand the sound of you slapping yourself on the back every few minutes!

Catz said...

and I am surprised all the bowing you are doing hasn't caused all that tired blood of yours to run to your head!

gt281 said...

To Catz:
You can hear the sound of one hand clapping?...
No blood have I,, only formaldehyde…
Your just jealous because I know what Obbligato means and you don’t……pplllllttttthhhh…..

You really should think of posting your comments in one post...It will leave you more time to drink
your schnapps..........

Joliveira said...


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Anonymous said...

You know, sentimental and fool goes with old. Tell me you haven't crossed the line! Because your writing is starting to get a little!

gt281 said...

To Faeriekat:
I have to post something sane every once in a while just to keep the jacket police fooled…..