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Sunday, January 20, 2008

HIDDEN WITHIN..............

This story has been bouncing around and across the universe
of my mind for about a week now…I think its all together now,,
all I’ve got to do is write it down,, but in my mind I know I’m
no paperback writer…Maybe every little thing I write now will
be a revolution,, kind of like rock and roll music was in the fifties…
I just don’t understand,, I’ve got a feeling that this whole story
will be something of a junk pile when I’m done…I’m just tired
I guess,, I’m so tired,, I’m just going to let it be,, and do like
dreamers do,, and write it as I go,, perhaps the chains of words
on the page will make sense in the end

Its just a beginning,, but I felt like it was going to be a
hard days night…I kept trying to teach my dog to rollover,,
constantly repeating,, rollover Beethoven,, rollover,,
but her majesty,, as I like to call her,, just ignores me as usual…
I think she has a thing for Teddy Boy,, that’s my neighbors dog…
I’m always having to shout at him to ‘keep your hands off my
baby’,, course he has no hands but that’s what I yell at him
anyway…It seems I have to watch them eight days a week,,
something tells we can work it out,, but I don’t know,,
boys will be boys I guess…She acts like a little child sometimes,,
I give her all my loving,, I hope she starts to listen,,
I’ve got enough misery in my life

My other neighbor Michelle has a cat named Lucille,, she just
recently moved here from Memphis,, Tennessee…She’s originally
from the Ukraine,, and keeps lamenting that she would like to
be back in the USSR,, don’t ask me why,, I think she’s crazy…
Here in the US she’s free as a bird,, why would she want to
get back
Its all too much for me,, I know it won’t be long before she’s
going to come flying over here,, just about anytime at all,,
and tell me baby its youIf I needed someone to be my
real love,, it wouldn’t be her…She’s crazy,, just yesterday it
was my birthday,, after a long long long day,, I was asleep in
my bed when I suddenly awoke and I saw her standing there
at the foot of my bed,, I found out later that she came in
through the bathroom window…She’s crazy…She was just
standing there saying words of love,, you’ll be mine,,
and you know what to do

Why do I feel like I’m a loser?...I know I’m not guilty,,
because I never said come and get it to her,, or I love you to
Maybe I should have known better
I’m down,, help…I think I will go and see my doctor,,
Doctor Robert,, maybe he can give me some pills to make me
feel glad all over,, but I’m not sure I can wait that long…
If I give him a call I’m sure I’ll get no reply…Hopefully,,
with a little help from my friends I can stop this crying
waiting hoping,, lets hope they don’t let me down,, so I can
get a good night of golden slumbers

There's something HIDDEN WITHIN this story
Here’s a clue for you all….there’s 69 in all…………..
(Drowsey,, Catz,, give up now you'll never get it)
(FaerieKat,, hmmmm don't know about you)
(AstroBob I know you'll get it first)


DrowseyMonkey said...

Well there's certainly lots of song references...but I haven't had a coffee I'll be back!

DrowseyMonkey said...
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Catz said...

Hey .... you just cut out half your fan club by telling drowsey and I not to bother!

DrowseyMonkey said...

lol @ catz....1/2 his fan club. ahahaha

gt281 said...

I have a fan club?...
Who's the president of this fan club?...Is that what you've been beating me over the head with?...
Who pays the rent at the club?...
Are there disco balls at this club?...Can i join?...Are they all Nanooks,, or are there sane people in it?...

No answer on whats hidden within,,

DrowseyMonkey said...

yes...there's one disco ball and 3 lava lamps.

Bob Johnson said...

Beatles 69 rehersal album?

gt281 said...

To AstroBob:
Yes we have a winner....
69 Beatle song titles hidden within....I'll post the answers
tomorrow so that the Nanooks among us can see them too....I knew I could count on you AstroBob......

Nanooks what can you do with them???...Must be the weather....

Bob Johnson said...

Thats what I'm talking about, in your face all my competitors(sp)