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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Side one:
1. Doris gets her oats 2.37
2. I was a teenage stamp licker 3.12
3. I am an avatar lineman 2.44
4. Smurfs on a half shell 1.23
5. Naked came I thu the jello 3.06
6. The hillarydillary song 3.18
7. Nanooks have cold noses 4.19
8. If ever I see a tree go boooooo 1.54
9. Gone with the farter (tubaluba solo) 17.33
10. Drowsey drowsey meme 2.23

Side two:
11. Donkeys are just burritos 3.05
12. Fried midget ears 2.37
13. Doing highway 69 with you 3.41
14. Song of concrete 4.04
15. Revenge of the avatar (gt281s theme) forever.00
16. Why don’t we do it in whipcream 2.02
17. Glowing Iranians 1.56
18. Yaba yaba poo poo 4.41
19. Smell my armpits 2.28
20. Dance of the toast fairies 3.14
21. Bohemian raspberries 9.41

Produced by DEATH STAR records
Recorded at SnotWoods Studios
Wookie Surround Sound 5.5

all rights preserved in cream cheese


Anonymous said...

I want to pre-order mine and have it autographed.

Oh, by the way....

TAG! You're it!

See my blog about the excruciating details:



gt281 said...

To Faeriekat:
This is my punishment for visting,
I have BIG plans for her...But I want to wait till she's not looking...

Same goes for you "missy tag it"...

DrowseyMonkey said...

ahahaha @ you gettin another tag!

Hey - I can't read the album cover! But excellent work on the titles...LOL!

gt281 said...

To Drowsey:
The cover didn't come out as nice as I would have liked because I hired some Inuits to do it for me...I should have used Eskimos...

DrowseyMonkey said... forget NOTHING! But what's it say? My screen is like 20 years old and teenyweeny.

gt281 said...

To Drowsey:
Looks good to me...You started this,, I should make you suffer for a few days,, weeks,, years.... :-0

Blue Dragon …band name

themselves soon go bankrupt…name of album

DrowseyMonkey said...

That is cool! Blue Dragon...I can see you rockin it out on stage...well I can see your avitar rocking it out on stage. :D

gt281 said...

I should have made you wait,, but I am kind,, unlike that cruel

Catz said...

hmmm... so I see you made your way to Miss Lucy's site... I thought I heard her growling!