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Saturday, December 1, 2007

We’re the mad Jedhadie from a Tehran stable,,
We’re lead by no one who is able,,
We don’t want peace a lot,, we like to bomb a lot,,
Out leader is Ahmadinejad,, (he’s a twat)…

He wishes he were able,,
To get the Atomic bomb label,,
Wings of doves is not his cause,,
He’d just like to mess around,,
To make everyone bow down,,
To bomb every Jewish town,,
His friend is another clown,,
Fkmister Hugo Chavez………

A couple of interesting items:
#1:, the U.N. nuclear watchpuppy agency predicts that
in four to five years Iran will have a fully operational
Death star,, excuse me a fully operational Atomic bomb…
#2:, Venezuela may have substantial deposits of uranium
#3:, uranium,, is used in the manufacture of Atomic bombs…
#4:, the Aztec long time line calendar ends December 12, 2012
#5:, 2007 + 5 years = 2012

Funny how those two time lines are lining up,, ain’t it?...
So if I were you,, I’d party hardy,, and not buy long term life
insurance,, and go ahead and get that brand new Hummer…


Bionic 1 said...

Ackmadd needs a bullet through the brain.
Better yet, strap a bomb around his waist and have him sit on Hugo Chavez's lap.


Bionic 1 said...

By the way, I like the Broncos today. 31-17 FINAL

gt281 said...

B1...too many 'take a cup of shut the fuck up' at your watering hole...i think i'll drink my Miller
beer here for a while......