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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Sigmarr,, Kergin,, and 3 men now went about searching thru
the ruins,, the other 3 were left to guard the horses and supplies…
Their torches were brightly lit as they searched thru-out the
fallen stones,, but nothing could they find,, then to the forgotten
tower they went,, searching for a clue of where the shield of Njordist
might be…The tower stood solid among the trees,, its blacken
stones where still intact,, inside they found spiraling steps leading
to the top,, only Sigmarr and Kergin climbed the steps,,
the other 3 men were left to guard and keep a wary eye for creatures
that maybe about… At the top,, the room was stable,, its floor was
covered with white leaves,, fungus and dust,, fallen roof timbers
were scattered about as were some broken tables and chairs,,
all blackened now... It made searching the room more difficult,,
Sigmarr and Kergin stepped cautiously thru the debris searching
for something that would lead them to the shield,, this was the
beacon stones,, was it not??... Kergin saw them first,, lying scattered
among the timbers on the floor,, 3 Spindleduff Orbs,,
called witches Orbs by most,, evil things they are…
Two were broken,, but the third was still intact,, it had a golden
glow within it…evil things they are… Kergin looked within the orb
and then Sigmarr,, and it was cast to break apon the floor…
A golden mist now streamed from the orb,, it swirled and twisted,,
and then it began to take shape,, the shape of a
golden wood sprite now…

The sprite fluttered its glowing golden wings and hovered in front
of Sigmarr and Kergin…
“Thank you, thank you,, for releasing me from my cage”,, it said…
“I have been trapped there for a very long time,, tricked and
trapped by a black witch,, who wanted my powers,, thank you”…
Both men looked at the golden sprite with amazement for they had
never seen one before,, only legends were told about them…
“We have come a long way,, we are searching for the
Shield of Njordist”,, can you help us??”,, Sigmarr asked…
“Look,, look at my beautiful forest,, look what happened to it while
I was trapped”,, the golden sprite,, now flew about the room,,
looking thru every window at the forest that surrounded the tower…
“Can you help us??”,, Sigmarr now asked in a louder,, sterner voice…
“Yes,, I can help you”,, I can see it”,, the sprite answered,,
still distracted by the blackness of the forest…
“Can you lead us to it??”…
“No,, no,,… look at my forest”,, it said half weeping…
“Where is the shield??”,, Kergin asked,, trying to keep the sprites
attention focused on the shield…
“It is only a half days journey from here”,, ”I will light the path
for you”,, oh,, look”…… then out the window it flew,, into the black
forest treetops...
Sigmarr and Kergin,, stood quietly among the ruins of the
tower room,, both were amazed at what had just taken place,,
and glad that the shield was very close now,, soon they would be
heading home away from this evil black forest…

The golden sprite did what it said it would do,, a golden shimmering
sparkle now could be seen among the fallen leaves,, leading away
from the beacon stones and deeper thru the trees…
Sigmarr,, Kergin,, and only 2 men followed that golden path that day,,
Sigmarr left the others to rest and guard the camp,, it would be
only a short ride to the shield and they would be back soon he hoped…
The forest still was darken by the clouds above and they had to
keep their torches lit,, to find their way along the golden path,,
but it didn’t take long,, only a half days ride or so...
The shield was there just as the sprite said it would be,, it laid on a
small island in the middle of a swampy area,, perhaps only 30 ft
from the solid ground… Kergin in his haste rushed forward and
jumped into the swamp,, swimming quickly to the island,,
Sigmarr would have waited,, he would have been a
little more cautious,, there were too many unknowns about this
evil forest… Kergin examined all around the shield as it laid there,,
looking for any hidden traps or magic spells,, none were to be found…
Kergin grabbed the shield quickly and once again rushed into the
swampy water,, keeping the shield above his head,, it was a slower
swim back to Sigmarr on the bank,, when he was about ten feet away
Kergin threw the shield onto the safety on the dry land,,
at Sigmarrs’ feet,, he smiled and laughed,, the quest was done and
Sigmarr could now return to King Tragihma and save his wife and
daughter… The men did not see its tail gliding thru the black water,,
their eyes were too much on the shield for them to notice,,
then suddenly a splashing sound came from the water and Kergin
was pulled under into the swamp…

“Kergin,, Kergin”,,….Sigmarr shouted,, an anguished,,
frightened shout…
Loosing his armor and sword Sigmarr jumped into the swamp with
only his dagger,, and under he went...
The two soldiers stood around the waters edge,, but never getting
to close,, the water bubbled and turned as if a struggle was
happening beneath,, then the water became still again,,
now red blood began to seep to the top,, all was quiet…
The two soldiers looked about the water with their torches
held high,, hoping to see a sign of their friends,, all was quiet on
the water,, then a hand rose from the water and they quickly
rushed to pull the man out,, it was Sigmarr,, followed by Kergin…
both men were dragged to safety away from the waters edge,,
soon the great body of a swamp snake rose to the waters surface,,
its blood seeped from the wounds that were made by
Kergins’ and Sigmarrs’ daggers…
Sigmarr and Kergin stood gathering their breath,, then Sigmarr
knocked Kergin back onto the ground,, Kergin just lay there for
a moment,, flexing his sore jaw with his hand,, then he laughed,,
for he knew he had been very foolish to rush ahead of the others,,
he laughed at himself for being such a fool… But the shield was
theirs and they all could head back home away from this evil forest…

A strange funny thing happened then to Sigmarr and Kergin,,
the soldiers kept their distance from them at all times,,
Sigmarr and Kergin smelled very bad,, like dead fish,,
and rotting moss,, the soldiers wanted nothing to do with that smell,,
it was a wicked smell,, laughter was heard then,, it melted away
the tensions that each man had gathered during the search,,
but they each knew that the way back was still dangerous and long,,
thru the blackened forest they would have to go,, past the swamps
and the creatures that might be in the waters and past the
spinner-netters and then the long journey thru the prairie lands,,
they were not safe yet…

END OF EPISODE 4...yeah,, yeah lets have more naked sprites
Find out next week why JR was made to wear a pink bunny suit in Harlem
is Rosie O’Donnell really as stupid as everyone thinks she is
.....same BAT TIME,, same BAT STATION

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