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Some liars are born that way, some are self-made; but the really great ones are elected to Congress…

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


The sky was blue,, the air was fair,,
A festive mood in the air,,
The window high up there,,
Book depository,, sniper in his lair,,
Three shots rang out,, changed history,,
Caused a nation to weep and so much misery…

The grassy knoll,, the police sirens,,
Crowds await,, for the great,,
Open limousine shinny and black,,
President shot from the back,,
Echoes heard thru-out the day,,
Dead in his seat he would lay,,
Secret service unable to protect…

Pink dress with blood dripping now,,
Gone is Camelot’s vow,,
Zapruder tape caught it all,,
Oswald was the name went out the call,,
Caught before he could run,,
Found the gun that had a nation studded,,
LBJ takes the sacred vow,,
Widow weeping aloud…

Oswald his voice unrepent,,
Trial and a nation would decide his fate,,
Ruby rushed out his rage was vent,,
Killer made to pay in the basement,,
Why oh why such an evil event…

Lone horse behind the casket draped,,
Immortality was his fate,,
Little John John no father now,,
Final salute to him passing by,,
Nation asks why oh why,,
Oh Camelot Camelot,,
Will we ever see your like again………….

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