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Monday, November 19, 2007


It’s funny you know,, as I look about me,, at all the young men,,
they have all shaved their hair to give themselves
an unshaved head hair look,, appearing as if they are
young marine recruits fresh from the first day at boot camp…
Strange to me this is… For I remember younger days,, when
the BEATLES come apon us and the BRITISH invasion
caused such a storm,, and Bobby’s locks may have made him
unfit to sit in the White House…
Oh how the hairs of time have changed…
Strange to me this is… I remember when,, it was such a disgrace,,
to the very human race,, if a man should let his hair even go
just beyond the crown of his ears,, and OH MY,, what a trouble
maker he was if he should let his hair go over…
And worse yet he would be if he should let his hair reach apon his
shoulders,, OH MY,, a thief,, a killer,, a vagabond,, a maniac biker,,
he was deemed,, someone that should be shunned by polite society…

Yes,, it is amusing to me as I look apon the various designs of
Mr. Clean that walk around me…
Oh how the hairs of time have changed…
I remember when “we” had to fight for the “right” to wear
long hair,, not just in our schools but also along every public street…
Strange it is to me,, for now this “right” that was hard fought won,,
is now shaved off to within just a 1/8 of an inch or so,, or perhaps
even to zero… I wonder what shall come next onto this “bald” head
of man… Will we now,, white wash our noggins,, or perhaps give it
a color for each different day apon the week?? Or perhaps we
can rent out this blank space for say,, a dollar a day… Ads apon
our noggins we could have,, or maybe we can just display messages
to our friends,, like the heart shaped candies apon valentines day…
“I love you”,, “be my pal”,, “be my friend”,, “your cute”…Or perhaps
we should show our team loyalty apon our heads,, ”go team go”
we could say… Now these signs above would not be of a permanent
kind,, of fadeaway and washaway colors they should be made off...
For one never ever knows which way the hair may grow tomorrow…

Now I be,, a man of about 3003,, and my mane is silvery white,,
and I watch with distain as it vanishes even within this hour…
And so I wonder aloud to myself,, “if I shave all of what’s left of
my hair,, would I then be part of this younger crowd??”…………


marlayna said...

What a funny thought that hair is still such a defining thing, but you're right it is. My sons have longer hair than most, and I am a liberal living in a Conservative area.
You'd think I was a child abuser for letting them enjoy their longer hairs.

gt281 said...

Gee, a visitor, if you would of called ahead I would have made some tea and cookies….
(oh, are you the one who can’t spell on the phone?)
Nothing wrong with long hair on men, when I was way much younger than today
(during the Spanish/American war)
I had hair down to the middle of my back, mostly gone now..
Boo hoo…the only thing I can say is keep it clean and combed, and when longer put it in a ponytail, that way it stays out of your soup and doesn’t get caught in your jacket zipper, ouch….
Myself, I’m a conservative with liberal sideburns, living
in the dead zone called Ioway….
Stop by again, left over turkey on Friday…no pecan pie
tho, that’s mine….:-)