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Friday, November 23, 2007


I was just walking down the sidewalk just the other day,,
yes it was Tuesday... I was going to McDs for some cow burgers,,
I was thinking maybe a couple of cheeseburgers with fries,,
they make good cheeseburgers,, the fries really suck tho,,
they taste like… well they’re just not any good,, since McDs went
to that ‘good for me’ fryin oil,, hell I’d rather eat chalk shoelaces…
Uh,, anyway,, I’m getting away from my story… I was just walking
down the sidewalk,, and I noticed all these cracks in the
concrete walk,, and there were some pigeon droppings and some
smashed McD ketchup packets making a mess,, and then I noticed
that,, hey,, if I squinted just right,, and the sun reflected off the
street signs just so,, and I jumped up and down as fast I could
(to get my brain all slooshy),, that the cracks in the sidewalk were
actually forming the long lost unwritten 12th piano sonata by Chopin…
Course there was only about three seconds of music there but
I knew right away that it had to be Chopin,, because I took 4 years
of tubaloba lessons in Norway when I was 6,, and everybody knows
what great composers come from Norway…there’s,, ah,,
and what’s his name,, and …Well anyway,, Norway is real close
to Germany and Austria,, and we all know that Victor Borge came
from around there someplace… Yep,, it was Chopin all right,,
I’m going to buy that sidewalk and sell it on E-Bay…

Speaking of E-Bay,, which I was,, PAY ATTENTION…
There was this “anonymous” buyer who paid $350
smack-a-roos for a single burnt pancake… Now this pancake was
no ordinary pancake,, nope,, supposedly if you looked at it thru
a broken glass darkly,, and blinked your eyes real fast and tapped
your ruby slippers a couple of times,, an image of Mary and Jesus
would appear... it’s a miracle... that anyone would be stupid enough
to buy that burnt pancake…Does anyone have the “anonymous”
buyers E-mail address,, cuz,, I have a dirty sock that I swear has
an image of Elvis on it,, and,, well,, I probably shouldn’t mention
this,, but I also have a round white orb with dimples in it,,
that when you look at it thru a telescope from the dark side
of the moon,, it looks just like the Hope diamond…
Yep,, I bet I could get enough smack-a-roos from that “anonymous”
buyer to retire with…
So if you know the E-mail address send it to me right away,,
it’s snowing here,, and I want to get out fast………..

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