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Thursday, November 15, 2007


There once was a man,,
A grumpy mean old fart,,
Who used to play on the beachy sand,,
For he thought himself to be a fisherman,,
But he was not,, he was just an old sot…

Each day he would go out,, to see what was about,,
With hooks very sharp,, and bait a plenty,,
He would cast his line with nary a doubt,,
And wait for hours on end for the fishes,,
He would always drink many a brew with delight,,
While waiting for the flounders to bite,,
He would get very drunky and he smelled like a skunky…

As he floundered among the seaweed and kelp,,
He did let out a mighty yelp for help,, help,, help,,
For he had looked within his crab skin wallet,,
And he had found out,, that he was from Jursey,,
He begged the Lord to show mercy,, to get him out of Jursey,,
As he prayed to the heavenly Saint,, he noticed a logo,,
The grumpy mean old fart,, then yelled out I ain’t I ain’t…

The logo that he had just seen,, it was very mean,,
For it said "I’m a NY ‘aints fan,, yes I am, yes I am",,
Now the grumpy mean old fart,, who thought himself a fisherman,,
Did scramble from the sandy cove and hid himself away,,
For he was very ashamed to be from Jursey and an ‘aints fan,,
He then knew just as me and you do,, what he did lack,,
Then in his basement he did pray,, “help me this day”,,
I wish to be a fan of the silver and black...

The grumpy mean old fart,, was forgiven of his past errfull ways,,
And now every Sunday he does drink beer and pray,,
For the silver and black to win each game they play….
He became very happy and gleeful,, for he was now a part
Of the mighty Raider nation………....

The above story is 100% true,, I swear it,, on my
12 pack of Miller beer.....

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