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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I SNORE.................

I was snoring real loud on a Saturday nite,,
The sun wasn’t shinin’,, so it wasn’t too bright,,
It was pouring rain,, with thunder and lightin’
The dogs then came in a barkin’,, and gave me a fright…

I jumped right up,, and kicked em out the door,,
Then there was a shaken and a knockin’ noise on the floor,,
My bedpost was a rockin along the wall,,
The couple above was havin’ a ball…

Well I couldn’t take it no more,, as I stood on the floor,,
Pulled out my 410 then,, and gave em whats for,,
Now the walls ain’t knockin’ and they ain’t rockin’,,
Back under the covers I went,, to snore some more…

Then the cops came a knockin’,, near quarter till four,,
I got up then cuz I couldn’t take em banging no more,,
Well they handcuffed me up real tight,,
It was still a thunderin’,, I guess I’m not too bright…

Well the judge put me in jail,, but it didn’t seem right,,
Geez,, the guy below me gives me a fright,,
He’s not black,, he’s not yellow,, he’s just white,,
Now the guards came around again on a Saturday nite,,
I hung myself there,, cuz I ain’t too bright,,
All I every wanted to do was snore real loud on a Saturday nite...
(background music of “hot rod Lincoln”)

1 comment:

Bionic 1 said...

Well well well, we have something in common. SNORING!

I spend most of my nights sleeping in our extra bedroom because my wife can't deal with it.
Don't blame her.

Well, if there is anything GOOD about sleeping alone its being able to FART when ever I want to.

Just thought I would share that little fact with your blog readers. ;)