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Sunday, November 4, 2007

This is the second of thirteen reports concerning this
years scientific study of the Canadian mud fly. All thirteen reports
will soon be distributed thru-out the scientific community, via this
web site and the Sorgern publication.
(Canadian scientific research and factuality of Apradraractis)
It will be available soon in English, British, French, Portuguese and
native Hutooo Eskimo. Any questions you may have concerning
obtaining any of these publications, can be addressed by the use
of the Canadian form #34567-aft, at the end of this report.

Report log #56732.c: (dated circa 10-09-08).
Reprinted here in its entirety.
The completion of the new research Building #5 has been a
welcome addition to the on going scientific study of the Canadian
mud fly (M & F). Its’ completion in the fall of 2007, has greatly
accelerated the study, preservation and observation ability of all
the staff at the institute.
We here at the institute for the scientific study of the Canadian
mud fly (M & F) recognize our governments realization that the
scientific study of the Canadian mud fly (M & F) is a vital part of
national defense and security, and once again we would like to
thank the government for providing the necessary funds,
equipment, personal and buildings for this vital human scale study,
which is now in its 14th year.

Total cost to taxpayers so far is estimated to be 456 billion
Canadian Rewtos, (adjusted for inflation). However, there has been
some complaints among the staff at Building #4 that Building #5
is much nicer and newer than Building #4, and that the parking lot
is much more organized and better maintained during the 14 months
of winter. This problem will be addressed as soon as the 16 days of
spring arrives, with the demolition and construction of a new
Building #4. It is the firm belief of all the staff at Building #5 that
this will satisfy all staff members in Building #4. However, due to
construction schedules and weather conditions we believe that
the parking lot for the new Building #4 will not be finished until
spring of 2009, this can not be helped and we are hoping that all
staff members in Building #4 will make full use of the 27 artic
snow cats that are now housed in the underground storage facility
at Building #2, 3.5 miles away.

While there has been some complaining among the staff in
Building #5, it has been minimal. The main complaint seems to
center around the continued use of ‘black light’ fluorescent lights
thru-out the research facility. This has been addressed thru
numerous e-grams and mailings to all 14 staff members currently
employed in Building #5. Re: the use of ‘black light’ fluorescent
lights thru-out the research facility, while making everyone ‘glow’,
is a necessary and prerequisite requirement thru-out for finding
‘mouse droppings’ in Building #5. ‘Mouse droppings’ are a vital
component to the scientific study of the Canadian mud fly (M & F),
and are used thru-out the facility in the scientific studies of the
Canadian mud fly (M & F), this can not be overly stressed.
However, do to the sanitary concerns and the intervention of the
Canadian Health Ministries; this may become an unnecessary
procedure in the future. The institute for the scientific study of
the Canadian mud fly (M & F) has already requested additional
funding from the Canadian government for the construction of
research Building #6, which as stated in our Funding proposal
will be solely dedicated to the finding of an alternative to the use
of ‘mouse droppings’ in the scientific study of the Canadian mud fly
(M & F), as per our proposal, should it be granted, Building #6 will
have a staff of 120 scientists; professionals whose sole purpose will
be to find this substitute for ‘mouse droppings’.

When approval of funding is completed (expected sometime in 2008)
construction of the new Building #6 will begin in the spring of 2009,
with construction taking approximately 24 months. It is hoped that
after Building #6 is completed sometime in 2011, that the staffs of
Building #4 and Building #5 will not complain about Building #6
being newer and nicer than Buildings #4 & #5, but due to past
experiences with the staff in Building #4, we have already begun
procurement procedures for additional funding for the years
2011 thru 2014, see funding request documents #345612.d, c f, & t,
dated this year.
This concludes the second part of the semi-annual report on the
scientific study of the Canadian mud fly (M & F).
Parts 3-13 will be published soon.

Jefferory Hilsfuf (PhD, CdC, Mi5, HTmL, BLT)
President and CEO

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