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Monday, November 5, 2007


Well I was driving down highway 95,, when a big ole
semi did come on a flyin by,, he then just jumped right in front
of me…Now I kinda got peeved,, so I came up right along side
and threw him the finger,, pretty as you please…Then took off
in overdrive,, gear number 3…
He didn’t like that very much,, so he stepped on his clutch and
went into gear number 25…Well it didn’t take him long,,
afor he was driving over my passenger door… I ended up in the
ditch,, and I had a mighty twitch,, cuz the gear shift went thru
my head from ear to ear… Now I’ll give you some advice,,
cuz I’m so nice… When a semi does come on a flyin by,,
just give him a wave and say hi, hi, hi,, or you’ll be wearin a
coffin dress and we’ll be layin side by side…..


Bionic 1 said...

Are you talking about my Google Ads?
Hmmmmm, I didn't know that. I don't click on my own ads because we're not suppose to.

They change now and then. If you have any trouble with tracking cookies don't bother.
Come to think of it, just about EVERY site has a tracking cookie attached.
Right click your start button. Then click on EXPLORE.
Scroll down to "Temporary Internet Files" it. It will show you all the tracking cookies on your hard drive.
Righ click the tracking cookies and highlight them all.
Then press the delete button.
This will clear them all out.

You should do this every day anyway.
I do.

Bionic 1 said...

Oh yeah, The Raiders STILL s*ck. ;)


Bionic 1 said...

Where are you from dude?

I'm in NJ.

Bionic 1 said...

I'm leaving this state as soon as I retire. (2 1/2 years)
Too expensive to live here on a fixed income.
The crooked politicians all suck.
This has ALWAYS been a blue state and the dumb asses keep voting the Democrats back in.

Can't take it anymore.

Bionic 1 said...

That phony GT281 is someome that stops by my blog all the time and uses differnt names.

Keeps telling me hes going to kick my azz.

I won't post them anymore unless I see the blue lettering.

GOOD NIGHT...........4am comes real quick in this state.

Bionic 1 said...

I just read the SEMI and I.

You need to lay off the weed. ;)