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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


OH ICY DAYS…………………….
Oh,, silent night,, silent night,, shivering by candlelight
Winters majestic tapestry is such a delight
Trees glistening silver icy white
Oh,, it would be so wonderful if I were but a kid
To be off the electron power grid
Not a sound to be heard thru the night
No cars no semis streaming down the road
Only the unhappy snapping crackling sounds
Of beautiful tree limbs falling to the ground

Oh,, it is such a delight
To sit in my darkened abode
Flashlights that do not glow quite right
Candles found in a misbegotten drawer
Flickering yellow flames making dancing images on the wall
Cans of chili bubbling in a pot on the wood stove
Tis the only thing lit so my abode will not get cold
For you that don’t know
It takes an hour or so for the chili to get hot

Oh,, what a wonderful feeling it is
To be off the electron grid
Three socks per and dressed like an Eskimo
Frost giants walking the land
Giving all things between the grey sky
And the ground below an icy glaze
Oh,, wonderful are the quiet can do nothing hours
Trapped within my humble abode
Dogs growling then barking as limbs hit the ground
Now the robins nest of summer can be found
Smashed apon the icy ground

To live off the electron grid
Would be such a delight some would say
But they know naught
For they have never driven the Conestoga way
Icy balls flyin thru the air
Not giving a care they land here they land there
Crystal figures of lilac limbs bowing to the snowy ground
All round the wailing trees make snapping sounds

Water in the faucet not
Toilet flushing not
Glowing cube of game shows not
Singing tunes of the Am-Fm not
Microwave popping not
Filament fibers glowing not
Furnace blower not
Is there anything I forgot?

The bough bends then snaps to the ground
Pines lurching back tis a sad sight and sound
Ice formed ringlets around the cones
Growing ever longer longer longer still
The wind whispers loudly thru the icy stems
12 hours and counting on the Timex face
Nature makes waste of her majestic trees
Snow and ice covered oaks,, maples,, and firs
Shaking and straining against the ice to be free
Flickering lights the spark of modern life
Will it be here soon?

1 comment:

The Faerie♥Kat said...

That is so awesome, the poem, the pic and the storm! Whooee, I'm happy this is how I get to experience it, nice and cozy here in FLA, reading this, a little giggle here and there, thinking about poor Puff breathing his last hot puff upon your little toes. Hoping you still have the tip of your nose. What a sight; what a fright! Hoping everything's alright? But knowing Puff will get you through the coldest night!