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Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Apon a black as night chariot he does ride,,
With the boy Robin by his side,,
But Robin was cast out from Batmans side,,
By the readers of the scribes,,
So no more does Batman have a rider by his side...

Then did Batman set out to find a rider for his side,,
And he did look about with his two blue eyes,,
And a new rider did he find,, but it was of a different kind,,
It was misunderstood as he took a new rider by his side,,
For it was Greenlanterns girlfriend that did take that ride,,
And now she has Batman by her side...

Greenlantern was not very happy to see her by Batmans side,,
He called apon the Iron Man to make Batman pay,,
And this he did just the other day,, there is where Batman lay,,
No more will he come to save the day,,
Now Greenlantern he does ride with the Iron Man by his side,,
But Greenlantern will not come to save the day,,
For he and the Iron man are very very gay...

Will someome please call Superman to save the day……………

1 comment:

The Faerie♥Kat said...

That was so clever! I didn't see the end coming, took me completely unaware. Good giggle!