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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Apon the lot of the buyme buyme,,
By the shining Big Wallie Wallie,,
At the doorway before this saley saley,,
Near the carts of wire woven,,
Many looney boonies stood and waited,,
All the air was scented with coffee and donuts,,
All the neon signs were bright and joyous,,
From the blow of horn-a-starta the madness,,
From its open doorus leaped the crazy onie onies,,
Westward thu to the products of the floorus,,
Passed in bolden herds the looney boonies,,
Passing the tvs,, lcds,, cds,, and the money-changers,,
Turning,, yearning for the merchandises,,
Bright above them shone the pricies pricies,,
Unlevel headed went seekers of the buyit buyit,,
Onto the great margin maker market,,
Sparkling,, flashing,, gashing,, to get in line,,
Stood looney boonies with hands apon wallets,,
Every cart of wire woven had its pusher,,
Now motionless beneath cashier taker,,
Gone now was every trace of merchandises,,
As the list fell off the registery,,
Both the eyes popped out against it,,
Sees what is the costie costie,,
With achey feet of no joy triumphant,,
With a look of total exhaustion,,
As of ones who went on this saley saley mission,,
Now stood and waited,, growled togethar,, togethar,,
As the crazy onie onies pulled from the cardy wallets,,
Toward the sum total in hands were listed,,,
And between the parted fingers of cashier ringers,,
Fell the dollar tokens of these shopper manglers,,
Flecked with speed of light into tills of cashie takers,,
As stood looney boonies,, with packages baggied,,
Through the glassy doorus,, they went with no chorus,,
For now the looney boonies,, who spent apon the saley,,
Where now much more poorus poorus,,

Now awakened and stood Wathawatha,,
Toward the setting sun her eyes were lifted,,
Her heart was filled with much woe and sorrow,,
For she had slept thru the saley saley,,
By the shining Big Wallie Wallie,,
With a smile of joy and triumph,,
With a look of exultation,,
As of one who in a vision,, saw the addy addy,,
Apon the big white shopper flyin,,
No more would she be cryin,,
By the shining Big Red Kie,, Kie,,
There would a saley saley on the morrow,, morrow…………

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