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Saturday, October 13, 2007


BOIL,, BOIL,, toil and trouble,,
Fire burn,, and cauldron bubble,,
She cooks again this night,,
What a fright,, it is a ghastly sight,,
With frenzied haste she does make waste,,
Not very good will it taste…

Blackened pots and blackened pans,,
She chops and chops,, HEY,, watch my hand,,
Into the cauldron hot it lands,,
Be wary of this brew of stew,,
Be glad it is not meant for you…

Chop,, chop,, slice and dice,, she does hurry,,
Eye of newt,, warts of frogs,, some more curry??,,
Pickled pickles and chicken gizzard paste,,
Bees knees and lizard lips,, care for a taste??,,
She cooks again this night,, just by candlelight…

Blackened smoke now fills the room,,
It marks the path to your doom,,
With bloody fingers and a witches laugh,,
She now goes to take a bath,,
While she lets the smelly brew stew,,
I would run,, but I am not as lucky as you,,
It is for me she does make this “feast”,,
With parts of all the forest creatures to the east…

Done,, done,, oh what joy and fun,,
A bubbly brown syrupy goop she has spun,,
Served with black as night buns,,
Scissors needed to cut the coffee,, into the cup,,
Gazing apon this sickening moving glop,,
I think I shall throw up…

Past the lips and over the gums,,
Look-out stomach here it comes,,
With eyes now a fiery red,, soon I will be dead,,
Ain’t you glad….HEY,, this ain’t half-bad,,
Can I have another helping please,,
With just a little sprinkling of some bees knees………..

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