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Sunday, October 7, 2007


THE OCEAN………………….
The ocean crashes against the land and shore,,
It wishes the land would be no more,,
Forever biting,, tearing,, ripping asunder,,
With waves of tumbling thunder,,
It does make waste upon the rocky land,,
Against the dry ground it grinds and grinds,,
It wishes to be let free of the land that binds,,
Forever swirling,, whirling with all its might,,
Thru skylit days and starry night,,
Against the land it does fight,,

Against the waves the land tries to hold firm,,
Apon its feet the ocean does lash and turn,,
With sandy shores and rocky cliffs,,
It holds against the waters swift,,
The land holds its own,, against the oceans storm,,
With volcanic thunder and lava hot,,
Into the ocean it is reborn when it does drop,,
With land above and land beneath,,
The land now binds the ocean so deep,,

The ocean never ceases to flail against the land,,
With moonlight power it seeks to expand,,
The waters ebb and flow pulling the land to its breast,,
It never does give the land time to rest,,
Ocean meets land,, each in an endless quest,,
Only time will tell,, which shall pass the test,,
The oceans majesty is vast and blue,,
But the land itself can always start anew…………..

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