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Thursday, October 4, 2007


Boooo,, boooo,, boooo,,
Their coming,, this very night
From 6 till 9 they will give you a fright
I can see them walking thru the pale moonlight
Hobgoblins,, witches,, and devil sprites
Headless demons to give me a fright
Glowing jack-o-lanterns nod about on my lawn
So frightened am I,, they will soon be here
I cower in the corner for I am full of fear
They might find me,, and rip me from ear to ear
Ding dong,, ding dong,, they are here,, very near
Knock knock,, upon my shelter door
I go now to appease them,, I can take it no more
With candy gifts I can make them leave for another door
I am very scared of what might be out there
Knock knock,, upon my shelter door
They keep banging,, banging,, banging
I must answer
Open the door with its rusty hinges
Slowly now open it with care
Sssqqquuuicccck,, Sssqqquuuicccck
Then I did stare apon what is out there
Hobgoblins,, witches,, devils and Jedis are here
“why did the man put the car in the oven??”
A mighty mystic riddle,, they trick me with
I have no answer for them,, I’m too frozen stiff
“to get a hot rod”,, did they chant
Then apon my porch they did a devil dance
With smiling jack-o-lanterns held high to give me a scare
Too frightened am I,, just throw the candy treats into the air
If I do not appease them,, some eggs could come flying
Then perhaps bags of doggie poopie would be left frying
Now I hid in the darkened corner,, just there
Hoping they don’t come again to give me a scare
Hobgoblins,, witches,, and devil sprites
Headless demons walk about this night
Oh,, and yes,, fairy princesses and shinning knights
Can also be seen
For you see,, it’s Halloween……………………..

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