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Sunday, October 21, 2007


I was just gazing at some words as they lay,,
Apon the whiten page,, just the other day,,
When I came apon this word “madam”,,
Just an ordinary word it is,,
A polite term of address for a women…

But as I looked closer still,, I found more to this word
Look closer,, look deeper and you will see it too,,
It is a curious combination of letters to display,,
Let me shown you what is hidden inside,,
This ordinary word “madam”…

“adam” can be found within “madam”,,
Perhaps a sexual double entendre??
Hidden within,, to make one chuckle,,
Perhaps an inside joke,, of yonder by??
Look again,, what can you find??...

“a” & “ad” & “ada” & “mad”& “dam” & “da”
Oh yes,, and “am” & “ma” too,,
So many are hidden within this simple word
“madam”,, I wonder why,, it is just 5 letters,,
And yes,, if you look closer still,, you will find
That it is a palindrome too,,
Very wondrous to me,, is it to you??........

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