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Thursday, September 27, 2007

WISHING APON A STAR....................

I wish I could lose 20lbs, and have it stay away,,
I wish I had a bigger…you know….savings account,,
I wish my commercials would stop being interrupted by
stupid TV shows,,
I wish hotsy totsys liked older men with grey hair,,
I wish kids would stop running up to me asking for their
Christmas presents,,
I wish the stores could wait until 2 minutes after Thanksgiving
was over before they set up the Christmas displays,,
I wish people would answer their e-mail that I sent them,, or at
least that I would get an automated message back saying that their
in-box got it,, I hate not knowing whether or not my e-mail was
received or maybe it bounced off the belt of Orion,, was shot at by
Klingons, then intercepted by the Romulans and sold to the Ferengies,, who gave it to the Borg,, and now the Borg have my
e-mail address,,
I wish cell-phones could only be used in an emergency when your
stuck on the freeway,,
I wish the people I work with had more brains than a dead chicken,,
I wish I could play the guitar, or the piano,, not just play,,
but be really really good at it,,
I wish my fingers weren’t so fat, so I would stop hitting two keys at
once,, or maybe it’s the keyboard keys that are too small,,
I wish the Islamic sand people would just magically disappear,, their
Dna is really fk-ed up,, or maybe their brains have been fried
by too much sun,,
I wish the atomics we have,, didn’t come with so much radiation,,
so we could use them on the fruitcakes,,
I wish spell-check really worked,,
I wish I could just lie on a forgotten beach somewhere,, and have
half naked native girls serve me those fruity drinks with the little
I wish Sean Connery was still Bond, James Bond,,
I wish some unknown wizard in his garage would invent a substitute
for gasoline,, that anyone could make with just the cleaning chemicals
that are under the kitchen sink,,
I wish the guy in the next cubbie,, wasn’t such a loud talker,,
I don’t need to know about his rectum colon surgery,,
or how stinky his wifes farts are when she drinks coffee,,
or why he let his kids have a nose ring,,
I wish the Raiders really did have a chance of winning the
Super Bowl this year,,
I wish…..well,, the list is endless……………….

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