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Thursday, September 13, 2007


Everyday I see her,,
Just sitting there apon the
green couched bus chair,,
Every day she is there,,
As I go to work ,, I try not to stare,,
She is a beauty oh,, most fair,,

But it does puzzle me so,,
When I see her each day just there,,
It puzzles me about what she does wear,,
Each day when I stride by her sitting there,,
I can not help put notice that only white and black
does she ever wear,,
Or maybe sometimes it is black and white
she does wear with care,,

And even apon her raven locks there,,
blonde streaks have been placed about her hair..
No frilly dresses of pink or blue,,
nor even green or the light yellow hue,,
No poka dots did I every spot,,
and never an animal print apon her did I view..
No,, no,, only the black and white would do..

And as I stared at her just ponderin one day,,
I noticed apon her cheek did lay,,
A sparkling jewel was playfully hidden away,,
It sparkled and twinkled when in the days light,,
It had been pierced just there with very much care..
But I still wondered,, why oh why,,
only the black and white did she wear…...............

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