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Sunday, September 16, 2007


AND THE LADY WEPT..........................
Near the oceans freedom shore she stands,,
With her golden torch in hand,,
Lighting the way to the promised land,,

She stands amid the oceans glistening waves,,
Against all the evils that come this way,,
She holds her golden torch up high,,
So that all can see its golden light apon the sky,,
Never does she waver,, never does she let the light die,,

An evil serpent thing,, from hells dark realm,,
Satans bastard son,, with forked tongue,,
Set his evil cursed eyes upon the lady fair,,
And he gathered up, some worthless ones,,
For an evil plan that he thought should be done,,
With twisted lies and twisted tongue,,
He plied them in every way,, for evil was his trade,,
Go to the land far away and steal the silver birds he did say,,
And this they did that bluesky morning day,,

Four giant silver birds were taken amid-flight,,
Then guided to the towers and to the guardians home,,
3 gossamer eagles did come tumbling down,,
But one was taken back,, from the evil ones spawn,,
Taken back by heroes that were brave and strong,,
They would not let evil have its way that day,,
And now in heroes graves they do lay,,

The lady with the golden torch did weep and cry,,
Many tears did fall from the sky,,
Not for the dollar damage that was done,,
But for the killing of the innocent young,,
Satans bastard son had a small victory that day,,
An evil twisted serpent he was,,
To say that to kill the innocent was his cause,,

Satans bastard son then slithered away,,
Under his worm infested rock and into his cave,,
Then apon the silicone display he did say,,
It was I who made the young pay,, I am glad for that day,,
Just wait,, just wait,, many more worthless ones,,
Will I gather up for another day,,

Many apon the sand were gleeful that this evil had been done,,
Into the streets and byways they went,, singing songs,,
Singing in praise the name of Satans bastard son,,
Satans bastard son spoke out with his twisted evil tongue,,
And many worthless ones did believe his lies that he spun,,

But nothing should be believed that is said by Satans bastard son,,
The lady with the golden torch still stands,,
She did not falter,, she did not cower before the evil one,,
She did not plead for mercy,, from Satans bastard son,,
She just wept for the murdered innocent ones,,

Against all the evils that come her way,,
She holds her golden torch up higher,, and higher,,
So that all can see its golden light that will not go away,,
Never does she waver,, never does she let the light die,,
Never will she bend or bow before an evil serpents lie,,
Her knee will never touch the ground,, for here does freedom rise,,
Many have tested the ladys golden light,,
They have flung their evil weapons both by day and by night,,
The lady still stands with her torch so bright,,

Stars will fall from the heavens,,
Moons will be cast into the abyss,,
Galaxies will turn and tumble,,
But the lady with the golden torch,,
Can not be made to humble,,
Her golden light will forever be bright and clear,,
Her light shines brighter now,, than before evil had its way,,
She stands near the oceans freedom shore,, for eternity,,
And her golden light shines clear for all humanity…….........

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