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Thursday, September 27, 2007

RANTINGS #2..........................

I am very very tired of listening and reading about the
looney tooney sand people,, very tired…
And using the term looney tooney,, is an insult to
Bugs bunny, porky pig, daffy duck,, and all the rest,,
because while they made me laugh in every way,,
these looney tooney sand people do not,, they scare me,,
They really do...

Just the other day Ahmadinejad (pronounced im a mad jedaie),,
the third looniest sand flea on the block,, came to the US and spoke
at Columbia University and the UN... What gets me about his “visit”
to Columbia was the fact that he had been invited there to spu forth
his Fked-up view of things by the President of Columbia,,
you know “lets get together and see what your views are”
kind of thing,, amazing,, simply amazing,, lets hope that
Mr. President of Columbia now has his walking papers and his name
removed from the door,, because he’s lost it…To give any wacko
terrorist a forum to spit out his lies should be a capital offense and
you should be put thru a giant blender,, because you’ve just
yelled “fire” in a movie house...
Freedom of speech is one thing,, but inviting a terrorist to do it at
your home,, in front of young adults is another...

Every alum of Columbia,, I hope has now torn up their donation
checks,, have denied even knowing where Columbia is and have
burned all their college sweatshirts… Just as surprising is the fact
that the line to go see this looney tooney sand flea went around
the block…
Come on guys and gals,, your suppose to be the next leaders of
this fair land,, did you expect to confront (im a mad jedaie),,
with your question and answer period in hopes of making him see
the “light”??... The only “light” he wants to see is the mushroom
shaped one hovering over the New City,, which if you don’t
know by now,, is you,, especially if you happen to be from the
Moses family…
Instead of throwing questions at him,, you should have thrown rotten
fruit,, pineapple and coconuts would have been best,, or at least
got up in unison,, turned around,, farted in his general direction,,
and left the room… But you didn’t…You failed…
I give Columbia University and everyone associated with that mess,,
an F minus minus minus,, and I now rescind all your scholarships,,
kick you out New York,, New York,, and I hope you all end up
studying the Canadian mud fly,, for the rest of you life…

You think I’m kidding don’t you??,, just making a humorous
observation on the stupidity of man,, well sorry,, I’m not,,
I stand by everything I said in the words above,, you failed,,
you failed every freedom,, liberty loving person who has ever
been born,, is alive today or who will ever be born…
You stink to high heaven,, and I hope I never meet any of you...
You let a known terrorist walk about your home,,
on freedoms soil,, what you should have done was shoot
him in the head,, why not,, we shoot our own don’t we??
Lincoln, Kennedy, Bobby, King, John,, lets squeeze off a couple of
rounds at the evil ones,, once in a while,, and see what happens…
Do you think I’m being too cruel??,, think of it this way,,
a rapid dog is a rapid dog,, not a pink bunny with Alka Seltzer
foam in its mouth…

Ah,, the UN,, what a fked-up fairy land that is,, full of whishy washy
word manglers,, what a joke it is… Just a place for every nation to
poke a sht covered finger in our eye and say it was our fault,, isn’t it
great that the US is responsible for everything that goes wrong on
this planet...

Wasn’t it great to see (im a mad jedaie),, stand up there at the
podium,, with that stupid smirk on his face and tell everyone
what a peace loving country Iran is,, and their not trying to build
an atomic bomb,, yeah,, right,, pigs have wings,, and the sun always
shines on the dark side of the moon... Hey,, if you believed
anything he said,, I have some very nice land for sale that you
would just love,, in the marinas trench…Yep,, that 400 billion dollar
lab that was built 200 ft underground isn’t for smashing atoms and
spinning centrifuges or anything like that,, geez was I wrong,,
turns out it’s for making ceramic pink bunnies,,
on contract to the Chinese,, what a relief…

It was great finding out that it is the fault of all the western infidels,,
that things are so screwed up around the world,, and that
the holocaust never happened,, Hitler just had bad press that’s all,,
he was just trying to get everyone in line for a nice hot shower and
then they could sit in that nice warm oven to dry off,,
wasn’t that nice of him??... Hitler was just trying to unify everyone
that’s all,, you know to get everyone to think alike,, be alike,,
look alike,, he just got bad press,, and Stalin did too,,
hey,, isn’t that what the OBL wants,,
for everyone to be just like him??...
It was nice to find out that WWII was just a big lie,,
told by the western infidels,, who were financed by
the Jewish Mafia,, so that the Palestinians could be robbed of
their land... I’m glad (im a mad jedaie) cleared all that up for me,,
I was confused,, I never knew that all the movies of the bodies
in the concentration camps was just a Spielberg movie effect,,
he’s Jewish isn’t he??,, see it’s a conspiracy…

I give it five years before we see a glowing mushroom cloud over
Tel-Aviv, or the New City, or somewhere over La La land,,
just five years… That’s why I’ve started to build a real nice
underground shelter in my backyard,, just five years,,
mark by words… Yes,, it will be nice to see the peaceful sand people
throwing atomics our way… Yep,, everyone I know says that Islam
is a peace loving,, kind,, forgiving religion,, I’ve heard that said
many many times,, it’s so peace loving and forgiving in fact,,
that the Shiites and the Sunnis can’t wait to hug each other to death…
My only hope is that on the last day of President Bush’s admin,,
he pushes the red button and makes melted glass out of the
sand people,, “oops,, I guess he pushed the wrong button”,,
I’m sure he was just ordering a pizza,, and while he’s ordering
his “pizza” I hope he gets some fried rice from North Korea and
some fresh dates from Damascus and throws a fireworks party over
the mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan,,
just so OBL can view them up close and personal like..........

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