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Thursday, September 20, 2007


THE STORMS.........................................................................
The four horsemen have arisen,, they wait to be called forth now,,
You know them,, these riders of the Apocalypse,,
They wait for the chosen hour,, to bring destruction to all mankind,,
They wait within their darkened tombs,, among the shattered bones
of the men who fought against them,, they are coming soon,,
you know them…

Plague,, sits apon his white horse,, waiting,, he will be the first,,
Famine apon his red horse shall be the second rider to come forth,,
War will come next riding the black one,,
And finally will come the rider of the pale horse,, death for all mankind,,
You know them,, these riders of the Apocalypse…

I have waited 1000 centuries for man to come of age,,
So that you might listen,, and be able to send back these riders from
hells dark heart,,
1000 centuries have I waited to tell you,, that there are four others
that precede these riders of the Apocalypse,, and that is why they
wait,, they wait,, but they are mounted now apon their horses,,
For the hour draws near…

Mankind has finally come of age,, so I can tell you now,, of the
four storms that precede these riders,,
It is from another book that I learned of these storms,,
A book from long,, long, ago,, that I read when I was but a child,,
A book that can only be read thru gossamer wings,,
A book of woe,, death and destruction,, a book of darkness,,
It tells of these four storms,, these four sisters of the riders…

They are among you now,, so that is why I have come to warn you,,
To tell you what you must know,, to warn you of these four storms,,
These four sisters are now sowing the seeds for mans destruction,,
And when the seeds have grown enough,, fed with enough of mankinds blood,,
the four riders will be called forth by their sisters…

All four storms are among mankind now,, gathering their power
from the many,, the few,, the poor,, and the wealthy,,
These sisters are called by many names,,
but I shall call them by their simpler names so that you might know them…

The weakest of these storms,, these sisters,, I call waste,,
She is very thin,, but she is very vast,, you know her,,
Everyday her power grows stronger and stronger,,
She will never be satisfied,, until everything of this earth is consumed
and then thrown away…

Her sister is perhaps just the opposite,, for she gathers everything
unto herself and keeps it,, and will not share it,, she can never me
sated,, always wanting more and more and more,, one is never
enough for her,, I call her greed…

The younger of these sisters I call apathy,, but her youth hides an
awesome power,, for she plants in mens minds the seeds of laziness,,
and indifference… Powerful evils these are in times of suffering…
She causes men not to care about the fates of others,, to cause men
not to reach out and help one another in times of strife,,
She plants the seed of laziness,, so that men will not go out and
strive for a days worth,, men begin to think that they need do nothing
at all,, that all will be brought to them,, that life is easy…

Now the oldest sister of these storms,, is also the most powerful,,
She has been around a long,, long time and has driven mankind into
madness many times before,, and has caused many to fall into the
dark realm of hatred,, she is called prejudice…
She is the most powerful of these four storms that plague mankind,,
she is the one to most watch out for…
She casts evil and darkness upon the very soul of man,,
she causes brother to kill brother,, neighbors to hate neighbors,,
and nations to fight nations…

These are the four storms that precede the riders of the Apocalypse,,
They are among you now,, growing stronger and stronger every day,,
and that is why I have come,, to give you this warning,,
to let you know,, that these storms are rising,,
and they have never been as strong as they are now…

Look to the horizons,, and look within your soul,, it is not too late to
banish these storms,, to make them lie down,, it is not too late…
But I must warn you again,,
that the clock is about to strike the midnight hour,,
and then all will be laid to waste…
The four horsemen of the Apocalypse,, will be called forth,,
and then darkness and evil will be upon every land………………………….

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