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Thursday, September 13, 2007


Whack apon the ball,, up into the air the tee did fly,,
Pity me for the ball did go awry,,
It went into the air,, I know not where,,
Thru the fairways,, roughs and woods,, I did go,,
Looking for my ball,, don’t you know,,

Whack apon the ground,, strike one,, score it two,,
Whack apon the ball and the ground,,
Into the rough it did bound,,
Just lying there in the rough apon the ground,,

Whack apon the ball once more,,
Score it four upon the card,,
Thru the fairways,, roughs and woods,,
Into the sand I now stood,,

Whack apon the ball in the trap,,
Oops,, it did roll back,, score it five,,
Up into the air the ball did slip,,
Landing apon the waters lip,,

Whack,, whack,, apon the ball,,
Score it six and seven apon the card,,
Into the pond the wedge was cast,,
Ain’t that a blast..

Thru the fairways,, roughs and woods,, I did go,,
Unto the ball where it stood,,
Apon the first cut of green,, it did lie,,
A gentle chip and a little flip,,
The ball did glide past the hole,,
And unto the other side,,
Score the card with an eight,,
Chip the ball unto the green,, now it can be seen,,
Apon the green,, pull the flag,,
Now to putt a 50ft lag to the flag,,
20ft past the cup,, time for another putt,,

Score it 10 upon the scorecard,,
Putt once more,, towards the cup,,
The ball went by,, now what’s up,,
Only 5 feet more for this putt,,
Just two putts more and then into the cup,,

Score the score a 14,,
Only seventeen more to go,,
Before watering hole #19,,
Gosh,, I’m glad that was just a par 3……………

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