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Thursday, September 13, 2007


MY HERO………………
Then she did ask me,,
If you could be anyone who would you be??,,
Now this question to me,,
Did seem to be as dumb as could be,,
For there is only one hero that I’d like to be,,
So I told her of my hero so she could plainly see...

He is not like the most of us apon this land,,
He lives in the mountains,, cities,, in the forests,,
And yes even in the desert sand,,
He has been on every continent,,
Even apon the sub-artic did he stand,,
He is a movie star apon the big big screen,,
He has an Oscar and a star on the walk of fame…

Yes,, apon the big big screen he has been,,
And on the little one too,, just for me and you,,
You have seen him I know you have,,
Apon the air,, land and sea he can be seen,,
He even went back in time and to the future he has been,,
He has been to planets in outer space,,
And fought the Martian for the human race,,
He has given many just a good good laugh,,
For he is sometimes Looney Tuney…

He has fought the Nazis and Tokyo Joe,,
Against fire breathing dragons,, red haired monsters and witches,,
Against the two gun Sam and the bottle genie he has fought,,
From wandering hunters he presses his luck,,
But he is no wacky duck,,
Against the Wile one and the hapless Fudd,,
Apon the stage in the Valkyreis,, Figaro and the Barber of Seville,,
He even bested El Toro in the bullfight arena mud,,
It has all been quite a thrill,,
He has run amok,, and out quipped them all...

Thru darkest Africa,, and the Sahara sands he has been,,
In the army,, navy and marines he was seen,,
There apon the silver screen,, quite the hero in every show,,
He is my hero I can tell you so,, for he is always funny,,
My hero if you’d like to know,, is that waskilly wabbit,,
Bugs Bunny………

What's up Doc??...................................

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