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Monday, September 3, 2007


So marvelous it would be if they were real,,
What a world we would live in,, if they existed,,
And were not just to be found within dusty tomes,,
Oh yes,, it would be so wondrous,, if fairies were real,,
Why can it not be,, that they could be among us,,
I wish it were so,, that the creatures of myth be true,,
Oh yes,, some would be frightful,, and some delightful,,
But what a wondrous place this would be,,
To know that dragons are about and they can fly,,
That fairies, gnomes, trolls, and elves could be found,,
And what of leprechauns and Cyclopes, and mermaids,,
To know that ghosts and hobgoblins walk the nights,,
That sprites fly in the moonlight,, and that there is a
pot of gold at the end of every rainbow…

Wouldn’t it be grand,, if they walked the land,,
To go apon some misty mountain and find them,,
To search for the golden fleece,, and face the hydras teeth,,
To voyage beyond some forbidden zone,, and find where
giants roam,,
And what if there be,, witches and warlocks,, vampires and werewolves,, munchkins and flying monkeys and Cheshire cats,,
Oh yes,, what a wondrous place this would be,,
If knights in shining armor could wake a princess with just a kiss,,
Or we could voyage apon the seven seas and mysteries did abound,,
Or perhaps slay the minotaur within its labyrinth,,
Wouldn’t it be grand, if Gods and demons fought among the clouds…

What a wondrous world this would be,,
But it is not,, perhaps there were such creatures as these,,
But not today,,
Today we spent endless hours apon the highways and byways,,
We toil each day,, forgotten within glass and steel towers,,
And we always look back and wonder what if,,
We search for adventure,, excitement,, and wonders,,
But mostly we find them upon the 50ft screen,, and then we go back,, a little sadder perhaps,, that this world is not filled with creatures to be found apon the misty mountains…

So marvelous it would be if fairies were real,,
What a world we would live in,, if they existed,, not only in our dreams………………………………..

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The Faerie♥Kat said...

Absolutely delightful! And thanks for the charming ditty you left on my website; it made me giggle and that's a very good thing. The power of laughter creates a world of wonder.