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Monday, September 3, 2007


HE CAME UNTO ME…………............
While I was sleeping,, He came unto me
This fisher of men,, did appear within my dream
A carpenters son,, and a holy one was He
The crucified man,, from Galilee
And I saw the wounds upon His hands and feet,
Then He spoke and asked this of me
“Why do you not believe in me??”
And this I did answer to the man from Galilee…

I believe in the teachings that have been written
I have tried to follow them,, I love my mother and father
I have not murdered anyone,,
It has been a long time since I did steal,, but a youth I was then
When I was married,, I didn’t cheat on her
Nor did I try to bed my neighbors wife,, nor take his property
And I do not lie,, without just cause
But I have lied before,, this I do admit…

Then He spoke and asked this of me
“Then why do you not believe in me??”
“These are the laws that my Father has given unto man”
And this I did answer to the man from Galilee
I do not believe in Thee because of the misery I see
I see evil and tyrants upon the hills,, I see what evil can be
Too many have fallen because evil had its way
Too many have been slaughtered and made to pay
Too many,, too many,, too many
“If you be the man from Galilee,, where have you been??”…

And then He spoke and said this to me
“My Father has granted upon mankind,, the gift of free will”
“It is what man asked for,, and that is what my Father did give ye”
“Freedom to choose your own destiny”
"Freedom to choose what path you walk upon”
And this I did answer to the man from Galilee
I know what you say is true,, that Your Father does let us choose
But I also know this,, that mankind is sometimes like a child
And he must be helped and guided to see the right path
And also I know this,, if you be the man from Galilee
That just with the wink of one eye,, You could set us upon the path
With just a gentle breeze from You,, we could be free of tyranny…

Freedom to choose,, is the finest of gifts,, Your Father has given man
But like all children that walk the land,, sometimes we need
A helping hand,, so that we are not burnt with the fire that
Has been lit,, and also I said this,, unto this man from Galilee
Please,, just give unto us,, Your helping hand,, just once in a while
Do not let millions go,, like lambs unto the slaughter
Just whisper into the ears of the heroes,, that be among us
Do not let evil walk so freely upon the land,, bar its path with
Someone from among us,, tis such a simple request
I do not ask for heavens angels to fight for us
Just speak a single word,, and champions will arise
To slay the evil tyrants that I see upon the hills…

And then He looked upon me and smiled,, a fathers smile
Like unto a beloved child,, then I awoke from my slumbers
To a skyblue morning,, and I thought to myself
perhaps I should go to Church this Sunday and see
who it really was that came unto my dream………….........

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