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Thursday, September 20, 2007


THE LIFEBOAT...........................................................
As the sails of the ship were swallowed below the waves,,
Five souls within a tiny lifeboat watched as it disappeared,,
Only five souls left from that ship,,
All together now,, bound within a tiny lifeboat,,
They were cast atop to drift among the waves,,

For many hours,, days,, and years,, were they adrift,,
The first to descend into the waves,, the abyss,, was youth,,
For youth never stays long,,
Then there were only four within this tiny lifeboat,,
The next to go was charity,,
Charity will only stay if all is well and right,,

Atop the endless rolling waves,, only three were left,,
In the darkness, and thru the days and years they drifted on,,
Then humanity slipped from this tiny lifeboat,,
Humanity will only survive so long after things go asunder,,
Now only two souls were left to be cast about by the waves,,
Only two souls left,, the others did not last,,

The tiny lifeboat,, kept on falling and rising among the waves,,
Then finally wisdom left,,
Wisdom would have stayed,, but it becomes weak in the unknown,,
Now only one soul was left,, to stand alone against the waves,,
It will never leave this tiny lifeboat,,

Forever and a day will it stay,,
It will ride among the waves,, and face the blackest nights,,
Never will it leave,, this tiny lifeboat,,
Its name is hope,,
And hope is eternal within the human heart…………………

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