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Saturday, August 18, 2007


….is the London radio symphonic musical hou…click..
sssssshhss… ‘m Dan Hack,, reporting to you live from the
Kraft foods annual cook-off contest here at Kemper arena…
We’re down to our final two contestants now,,
in the macaroni & cheese bake-off,, from Kansas city we have
Km Pete,, known locally around here for her kybd pop-up surprises,,
which I might add won last years,, “tasty tart with a heart contest”…
And from,, ah,, Ioway,, we have,, yes it is,, a male finalist for the first time in the Kraft foods macaroni & cheese bake-off,, he’s a Scottish loon,, it says here,, yes that’s right folks,, a Scottish loon all the way from Ioway… He’s known for his wearing of Shakespearian clothes and making really bad buns,, excuse me folks,, that should be puns…

Lets catch up on the action now,,
Km Pete,, seems to be way ahead now,, shes got her water boiling now,, and shes just now starting to drain the macaroni,, lots of steam
coming up from that sink,, I hope the judges don’t deduct any points for that,, well,, it’s getting real exciting now,, shes about to add the
butter and milk,, yes shes done it,, shes successfully added them without making a mess,, which according to the rules could have cost her 5 valuable points,, now shes about to add the cheese powder
from the foil packet,, oh my,, what a mistake,, she forgot to bring her
scissors,, she’ll have to carefully tear open the pouch now,, easy does it,,…Well while we’re waiting for Km Pete to open her packet of cheese flavoring,, lets check in on how the Scottish loon is doing at his stove…

Dan Hack,, here,, we're just now checking in with our only male finalist in the Kraft foods macaroni & cheese bake-off,, the Scottish loon from Ioway,,…
There seems to be some kind of problem here,, the Scottish loon is
conferring with the judges now,, I’m not sure what’s happening there… Ah,, their done talking now,, let me see if I can get one on the judges to explain what happened…
Dan Hack,, here,, I’ve just spoken with one of the judges,, and it appears that the Scottish loon,, thought that he was to make a pot
of pork & beans,, well I hope,, he doesn’t have any points deducted for that mix-up…
Well,, its been over an hour now,, and the two contestants have submitted their Kraft macaroni & cheese dishes to the judges,, we’re just waiting now for the taste test results…

It’s getting real intense now,, as we await the judges final decision,,
Yes,, Yes,, I believe their going to announce their decision now,,
it’s….. Click…whiz,,..crackle,,crackle,,,sssssshhss..
….it’s howdy doody time,, hello boys and girls……..

Did you think you'd win??... hey,, it's my story.... lol

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rdpetesblog said...

That was just to funny. But you know she is always the winner. Change the station all you want :). The Tart With The Heart reingns surpreme. :) :)