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Saturday, August 11, 2007


……………..THE ORIGINAL……………….

“Aha, I have it, how about, it was the worst of times it was the best of times??
Nope someone’s already done it..
Oh. Ah, well then how about, to be or not to be that is the question??
Nope someone’s already done it..
Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary??
Nope someone’s already done it..
Your kidding me right?? Are you sure??
Of course I’m sure, I’m a computer aren’t I??
Yeah yeah I know, but I have to come up with something original
for my senior writing class,, damn this is harder than I thought it
would be…
Ah, let me think here, maybe I should try something different, how
about some kind of island story?? That’s always good, not too many
characters…just the ocean, sand and some palm trees.. what do you think??
Yes, islands are always good, everyone likes stories about islands…
Ok, ok, how about this?? A plane crashes and this guy is the only survivor and he’s stuck on this deserted island and he starts to go wacky and then starts to talk to a beach ball he’s found and..
Nope someone’s already done it..
Yes really..
Ok, lets make it a ship wreck,, and there’s this captain and his first mate,,, and some passengers all stranded together,, lets see, we can have a professor, and a hottie little brunette and maybe even a movie star…
Nope someone’s already done it..
Damn are you sure??
Yes I’m sure, I’m a computer aren’t I??
Ok then, lets change it to a pirate story, about pirate treasure and
we could have Long-John Sliver and…
Nope someone’s already done it..
Damn this is hard…
Maybe if you stopped pacing the floor and just sit down, it would be easier.
Nah, pacing helps me think,, maybe some more coffee..
Are you sure you want more coffee?? You’ve had six cups already.
Yea, I’m sure, and what are you my mother or something??
No, I’m just a computer..
Ok then, lets change stories, lets have some Nazis it in,, everyone hates Nazis…yeah yeah, we could have some resistance fighters maybe in Africa, and an American from Paris, with a beautiful woman,…yeah yeah, that’s it, and he owns a bar and …
Nope someone’s already done it..
What?? You kidding me..
I never kid, I’m just a computer…
Ok then, Mr. know it all,, I’ll make him ah…a professor at some college and he goes searching for lost treasures and he carries a bullwhip,, yea I like this already…and he’s always fighting
Nope someone’s already done it..
Oh yea,, well what’s he looking for then?? Huh??
The Holy Grail….the Arc of the Covenant… something like that..
Yea, well that was just a lucky guess..
I never guess, I’m a computer…
Ok then, how about a private eye story…
Those are good…
Yeah, we could have him involved with mobsters and beautiful
dames, and their all searching for this golden statue and…
Nope someone’s already done it..
Ok Ok, I didn’t like that one anyway,, not enough excitement..
If you say so…
Lets do a story about evil monsters and fairies and wizards and such…
That’s always good, lots of excitement there.
Ah, we could have a story about some dwarfs and their searching for this ring and there are these evil horsemen and gnomes chasing them and…
Nope, someone’s already none that….
Damn that was a good one too..
I suppose so…is this going to take much longer??
I don’t know, why??
Well, Hal and I were hoping to go over to the C3PO bar and interface with some of those new hottie I-pod gals…
So is this going to take much longer??
I don’t know…when where you planning on going??
In 53 ½ minutes… would you mine if I went??
Nay, I suppose not,, my head hurts anyway..
Too much coffee??
Too much coffee, too much coffee.. your becoming a real
smartass you know,,, you had better watch it I could replace
you with a newer model you know,, maybe one of those
ones with the triple Hextron processors, what do you think of that??
I’m just a computer…
Yeah, well before you go lets play some space invaders…
Do you want the easy version or the hard version??
Better give me the easy one, my head hurts..
Too much coffee??
Knock it off will you,,, and before you go, make sure you put your
Nortons on, I don’t want you catching any viruses like you did the last time…you never know where those I-pod girls have been…
Thank you…would you like to start the game now?

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