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Thursday, August 9, 2007


…………..PORK & BEANS……………….
Well I went to my cupboard to fetch myself a can of pork and beans..
For lunch I would have them, with cheese and crackers too..
So I opened this can of pork and beans, to put in my stew..
And what did I discover when I opened this can for the brew??
Only beans I had and some reddish goo and one cube of fat inside..
Where is my pork I did cry??, as I pushed the beans to one side...
It says on the label that this be a can of pork and beans…
It does not say on the label that there’s just beans and a hunk of
fat inside…and not a very big hunk of fat at that….

Well I was taken quite aback at this mislabeled label…
And surely I thought a mistake had been made apon this cans label..
So to the store I did go to purchase a couple more cans of the pork
and beans, just to see what would be inside of these cans that were
clearly labeled pork and beans on the outside….
And I did open them up one by one to see what was on the inside…
More beans did I find and more reddish goo, and yes I found those
tiny cubes of white fat inside, one per can did I find…..
But no pork was there inside, and again it was clearly labeled that some pork could be found within these can of beans….
I did not find any pieces of leg or loin, shoulder or butt,,
there was no chunks of leg cutlets or of ham or rib roast, or pieces of rib chops, or even small bits of smoked hocks,,, not even did I find any pieces of crispy bacon,,, only one tiny cube of white fat…

Now this would surely not do, for I wanted to put some pork and beans in my stew….So I drafted and sent out many a fine letter to
my Congressman and to the makers of this can of pork and beans..
Telling them of my findings with this can that clearly was labeled
that it be a can of pork and beans….not a can of beans and fat…
Now it became many months that passed and not a word had I heard
from my Congressman or the makers of the can of pork and beans…
So again I did give them a shout, and many letters did I send out…
And again never a word that I did get back,,, to ignore me they chose to do,, so upon the Net did I go,, a blogging I went, and many
messages were sent to and fro of my complaints about these cans of no pork, just beans and fat….

Now it took many a year for the wheels of complaints to make the makers of these cans of pork and beans to change their tune..
So now as I look apon the label, it does say that these be cans of
“cubed fat and beans”, no mention of the pork that might have been…fair enough I did reason,, for now I know what lies inside
my can of “cubed fat and beans”….

Now unto my cupboard once again did I go,,, for a bottle of katsup..
And what did I find inside that bottle of mine?? Why no kats at all could I find….I think I shall go upon the Net again, to complain about no kats in my katsup...

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