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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


WORDS …….......................
Words they be wondrous things...
Hidden within my keyboard just waiting to spring...
Yes,, words apon the whitened page can conjure,,
many an image for one to ponder,, but I wonder
as I type these words,, made of just 26 letters in
much a variety of displays… Do these words apon this
printed page,, that I so thoughtfully arranged,, do they mean
the same to you as they do to me ??
Or should it be the other way round ??
Only 26 letters have I found,, hidden among the numbers…
Only 26 letters to be found,, but in what wondrous
combinations can they be bound… Some they do rhyme,,
and some others they do chime,, some be frightful,, some quite
delightful,, while others be used by lesser minds,, of cat, hat, rat,
bat and ball, of Jack and Jill upon the hill,, they can use them all...
Words can convey worlds of emotions,, of love and hate,, regret and
remorse, pleasure and sorrow, they can speak to us…
Only 26 letters can there be found... Yes and symbols to make them
expound, to explode, to pause, to rest, to stop and to exclaim…
Only 26 letters not counting the bold, the italic, the times roman,
or the gothic, the bookman, and all the rest… With capitals, vowels,
and consonants we try to fill the whitened page…
Only 26 letters apon my keyboard can I find... But I wonder
as I look apon the black and white images here,,
is the written word mightier than the verbal one ??
Does it provoke us greater or make us weep longer,,
than the oral one ??
Of the verbal word,, I must confess,, for it be only second best…
But of the written word I now say this,, it has a great weakness too,,
for it must be spoken to reach its full potential,, either aloud or
within the minds eye… For without its kin,, it will not last,,
even if apon granite these 26 letters be cast….....................

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