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Sunday, July 22, 2007


WEEDS IN MY GARDEN……...............
Not long ago,, towards the end of June
on a Sunday if I remember,, I had many chores to do,,
one of which was to weed my gardens so that flowers
might grow,, I had neglected them for many days now,,
and the weeds grew very dense,, even at the outer fence...
It was a pleasant day when I started this chore,, of weeding
and tilling,, for not much more could I do…
A beautiful day with not a cloud to be seen and a hue so blue…
As anyone who gardens knows,, weeds they do so like to grow,,
and it’s not a very pleasant task to be rid of them…
There was I dutifully pulling a plenty,, for I had neglected my
garden so,, when upon a chance I did steal a backwards glance,,
twas a commotion up the drive that did disturb me,,
very odd for my drive is well hidden, and can sometimes be found
just by chance... A limo of black did now appear,, all sleek,,
shiny and new,, it grew closer still, and then it proceeded to stop...
I gave it a thoughtful glance,, thinking perchance it might be
someone I knew,, or just a wrong turn did it take and would return
unto it's wake... But it did not do an about,, for it remained in its
place... Well I looked at it for a while,, but I had chores to do,,
so I left it to be alone upon my drive that Sunday in June,,
from where it came I did not care,, they came upon me,,
not the other way round...

So if it was me they wanted to see,, they could get out and give
me a shout…They could plainly see me,, pulling the weeds in
my garden... I resumed my chores not giving them a care…
When the front door it did open and out stepped the driver,,
a fine figure of a young man, all in black was he, with a cap and
gloves to match,,to the rear door he proceeded and opened it he did,,
very carefully,, a hand he offered to the person inside…
Then out stepped a woman,, that was clearly elegant and refined...
Closer to me did she step and upon my walk she halted
I gave a look over,, to see you she was and then I knew her again...
She did look most splendid in a Sunday’s best dress with a bonnet
to shade her pretty face... A Sunday’s best she did wear,,
but not for her,, she clearly could do much the better,, elegant and
trim she was,, with a figure to make many a man’s heart begin
to swoon…
So I arose from my chores,, looking all of sweat and of grime,,
stepped forward did I,, but not as to greet her on this
Sunday in June... It had grown somewhat warmer and the sun
shone much brighter,, so thinking it might be cooler,, I did ask her
to come inside,, a nod she did give and a turn towards my house
to enter,, but not I,, into the garage did I go and with the push of
a button the great door did arise... With a sideways glance I did she
her advance... For I would not welcome her into my home,,
she was not welcomed there... Shady it was and cooler too,,
upon the concrete floor we did stand Man and Woman upon it,,
only 10 feet apart but worlds away...

I be old and I had tired from my labors so a used chair did I
gather for me to rest upon,, but none for her did I offer…
Stand did she upon the floor for a minute or perhaps three,,
while I awaited for an utterance from her...
A smoke did I produce upon this hour,, of sweet nicotine I gratefully
did inhale,, a calming influence it did produce while I awaited,,
for her to explain why,, she had arrived upon my step,,
this Sunday of June...
“My I have one”? She finally uttered,, so I offered her a smoke from
my very own pack, knowing full well she would not partake of
my offer... Just to see a reaction was my reason,, for a smartass
was I being,, I owed her nothing…
“May I have a chair,, please”?,, she said a little perturbed…
“Sure” I said,, “there are many along the wall as you can plainly see”
I did not rise,, tho a gentleman I be,, she turned her head towards
the driver instead and gave just a slight nod... Into my garage he
did stride,, and from along the wall he selected a chair for her to
rest upon,, he dusted it off with his clean white handkerchief,,
and steadied it as she sat down…Then back to his post he did go...

Of smokes I had plenty,, a full pack of almost twenty,, do you see,,
and as I waited for her to speak,, I must have had two more or
perhaps three,, she had called upon me,, you see,, and I was not
to make it easy for her to unveil why she had come on this
Sunday of June…
Well I did wait and nothing did she utter,, perhaps not fully formed
were her thoughts or perhaps she was just searching for the right
phrases to utter... There we sat face to face,, but miles apart
waiting for her to start...
Now I am not a drinking man,, but this day was hot and many weeds
I had fought,, so a little thirsty I was while waiting to find out
her intent... Into the frig I did grab a cold bottle for me,, but none
for her,, for again I owed her nothing,, and nothing would I offer…
“May I have one,, please”? she did ask,, “Sure,, there is more in the
frig" and thus I pointed to it with bottle in hand... Again she nodded,,
and again the driver performed his task,, a cold bottle did he bring,,
and even wiped it clean,, before again departing...
”Sorry no classes or ice I have” I said,, waiting for a reaction,,
I drank my cold brew,, and set the bottle upon the floor,,
she just stared at her own,, the driplets falling down,, and
splashing upon the concrete floor... We sat there very still that
day in June,, I had one more smoke,, and when I was done,,
I began to rise... For I had beds to attend to and weeds to pull,,
“I’m sorry” she softly spoke,, in a whispered tone she did speak…
“I’m sorry too” I said,, in a calm and loving voice,, “I’m sorry too”...
Then I did leave her sitting in my garage,, I had chores to attend to
and weeds to pull,, nothing more needed to be said...

I heard them leave,, but I did not glance,, for I had my gardens to
weed,, I had neglected them for too long...
Upon the completion of my chores,, I once more entered my garage,,
there were the chairs we sat upon,, I put them away,,
the cigarette butts from the floor I did pick up and my empty
bottle too...The untouched bottle that she left upon my dusty floor,,
I did not remove... It remains there still... Empty now,, dusty and
full of critters... I leave it there as a reminder of the weeds that
must be removed from my garden…

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