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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Welcome back my fiends to the Blog that never ends
I’m so glad you could attend,, now I shall offend
Sit inside! sit inside!,, never mind it’s just a ride
There behind a camel everything is painted in blue enamel
Be careful where you sit,, it's going to be a long trip
Come along! sing along! bang the gong! I’ll be wearing a thong!

Come inside,, the bloods about to flow
It's guaranteed that my nose will grow
Buy something sweet and be ready to throw
The greatest show from Hell is starting to smell
You've got to smell my feet,, it's a treat
You've got to take the leap,, the seats are cheap

It will be one nasty surprise right before your eyes
You won’t laugh you’ll just cry then die die die
Come inside the bloods about to flow
Guaranteed to smell like a toilet bowl
Very nice very nice

You gotta see and read my stories
They really are quite gory
Now sit there and be quiet
Don't try to start a zombie riot
I’m going to blow my nose blow my nose
While wearing black silk pantyhose

Soon the FaerieQueen in a vest of emerald green
Will loose her head on guillotine
What a scene! What a scene! The best to be seen!
Next apon the stage in a vat of boiling marmalade
Will be the one and only Billy Shears (its been years)
Roll em! tote em! smoke em! pass it down the aisle!
It’s sure to make you smile!

While putting words on the whitened page
I wish I had seven virgins and a mule
Forget the mule,, I’m no fool
At ten past six,, I’ll be very sick
The liquor did the trick
I’ll be like very other fool
Thinking that I’m another Lincoln
But alas and woe
My stories really are a stinkin’

It all began on a Saturday
No one would come out and play
What a shame
I was so alone
Then the sun began to shine
But I couldn’t find the time
I had to make everything rhyme
The cops broke in and said it was a sin
I then got five to ten,, without a trail
Next time I'll try denial

Now I don't really want to stop the show
But I thought you might like to know
Where I am,, where I am,, where I am
I’m in the slam

I never take a shower,, I stink more each hour
I’m in a room with a peep
In a cage of steel and iron
I think it's all not real,, or I’d be cryin’

And as we go along
I promise not to sing this song
But my stories will still be too loooong
So as I prance apon this stage
Without a clue
I hope I’ve made your day for you
Now it's time for you all to leave
I got to pee got to pee.......……

sung to that misspelled Kanookian song...
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn…...........


Lorelei said...

Oh my, oh my
That poem just made
Me sigh

And then after all
The sighs
I just turn away and
Roll my eyes

Drowsey Monkey said...

pantyhose ... I knew it.

Marvin the Martian said...

I'm sure it will make more sense to me when I'm as loopy on ethanol as you are, LOL!

gt281 said...

to Lorelei:
Human eyeballs are best rolled in flour than baked at 325 deg for 15 minutes,, or until they pop,, whichever comes first…A better treat is fondue de la eyeballs,, with chilled monkey brains…
Cat brains will do,, but they’re kind of small….

gt281 said...

to Drowsey:
To make everything clear…It’s
black SILK pantyhose with a
red thong…A studding combination,,
if I do say so myself….

gt281 said...

to Marvin:
Let me know when it does,, cuz I’d like to know what it means too…
Learned how to swim yet?...
Fay Fay she just won’t go away….

Swubird said...


Just when I though I'd heard everything, I read, Zombie riot! I love it. Another perfect gem from the mind behind the pen of...gt281, and that ain't no Pontiac!

Happy trails.

gt281 said...

to Swubird:
I'm more like a Corvair,, unsafe
at any speed...

Bob Johnson said...

Geez I just came from a blog so totally different, wow, wait, everything is totally different then this one,lol.

gt281 said...

to AstroBob:
What what what???...I don’t know what you mean,, everything seems normal to me….