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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

THE DONUT SHOP...............

I went into the donut shop the other day,,
And there apon the ground he did lay,,
He had ordered 2 dozen Krispy Kremes ,,
With glazed icing,, and filling inside,,
Then he tried to run away,, without having to pay,,
Now he lies apon the floor next to the donut display,,
Shot twenty times was he,, as he tried to get away,,
Not very smart was he,, for did he not see,,
The police cars outside,, and the twenty cops on the inside,,
Then shot once more was he,, as he lay apon the floor,,
Just as the twenty cops went out the door,,
Excuse me,, I guess it was twenty-one cops that day,,

It never does pay,, to steal donuts from a donut shop,,
For it is the place where cops stop and shop,,
To get their daily coffee and the Krispy Kremes,,
Before they start their morning routines,,
And yes my friends,, the cops have been known to pay,,
For their coffee and donuts,, before they drive away,,,

So the moral of this story,, as one can plainly see,,
Is that if you wish to steal the Krispy Kremes,,
Look about the parking lot,, and also look inside,,
For if there are any cops to be found,,
You will surely be shot,, and be dead apon the ground,,
For trying to steal their Krispy Kremes ………………

Special editor note:
None of the story above is true,, it is just meant to amuse,,
To our men and women who wear the bulletproof vests,,
I say this to you,, you be very true blue,, and thank you…


Lorelei said...

Why would anyone believe your stories????

gt281 said...

to Lorelei:
Because my stories are so finely crafted,, rich in detail,,
so realistic….

Marvin the Martian said...

Someone burgled our local dougnut shop the other night... and got caught yesterday when someone recognized him from the security video. 41 years old, in jail for burglarizing a doughnut shop. Yes, he'll be somebody's bitch now. ;-)

Drowsey Monkey said...

Is a donut like a doughnut?

And are you having cravings? lol

gt281 said...

to Marvin:
I hope they gave you five to ten...

gt281 said...

to Drowsey:
Speak english...Nobody speaks Kanookian around here...Is that a twinkie I smell on your breath?...