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Saturday, May 31, 2008


minf Gon språng diiikl nesmns ksdsds
yousd lsde skickas gått ut för sg
End dramat, rösta Obama…….

The next five days should be very interesting............

to Drowsey:
Hi ya Nanook type person,, my comment became kind
of long (surprise,, surprise,, surprise) so i put it here.....

The Sith queen isn’t going to be happy either…If
I were Obama and she doesn’t quit by the 3-4,, I’d
lay the hammer down on her,, no holds barred…He has
held back on attaching her on many issues and occasions…
And since its OK to attack Obama’s wife,, then it should be
OK to attack that sleaze ball convicted perjurer EVILBILL…
If she wants a fight all the way to the convention floor then
Obama should use a scorched Earth policy against her….
Funny how everyone says that Obama can’t win the white
vote,, hmmmm seems to me that the Sith queen can’t win
the black vote…..In Michigan 40% of the voters said none
of the above,, and who’s name was on the ballot?...
40% of Michigan voters wouldn’t even vote for her even tho
she was the only one on the ballot…And she takes it as a victory…
Its sad that she has come this far when its clear than she is an
Egomaniac and must always have her own way…The rules of the
primaries and caucus’ were set up before any votes were cast,,
the ballots for Michigan and Florida were disallowed before any
votes were cast…Everyone of the democratic candidates agreed to
this arrangement and said OK,, that the rules that have been set
up and that’s how we’ll proceed,, the Sith queen signed the
agreement…And now at the 11:58 hour of the campaign she wants
to change the rules,, mainly because she lost…If the situation were
reversed,, how hard would she fight against allowing Michigan
and Florida to be counted?...It scares me to think that if she ever
becomes President,, that since she has no regard for established
rules that offend her or she doesn’t like that she will cast them
aside and demand new ones…What about all the rules in the
Salt agreements,, does she like all those? or if when she’s President
will she have them changed to better suit her ideas…
What about all our trade agreements,, NAFTA,, immigration,,
etc etc?…If she can’t abide by the rules of the game in the
democratic primaries,, what rules can she abide by?....
Rules that she signed her name to…
As Worf would say…”She has no honor”…The ‘Pantsuit Brigades’
that are her followers,, I can only think have now entered what
is known as the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’,, and are locked into an
unchangeable mindset,, like the followers of Jim Jones,,
or Heavens Gate…Her refusal to accept the fact that she was
beaten by ‘OMG’ a black man is a sad commentary on her,,
and I think it will hurt women in politics in general…
She should be put out to pasture as soon as possible,,
so her vile contempt for everything ‘Not Hillary’ will not
infect anyone else……..

The Queen is dead,, lets hope she stays buried………


Drowsey Monkey said...

All those old gals following Hillery around are not gonna be happy :)

Drowsey Monkey said...

omg - that's a long response. I'll be back in an hour after I read it ;)

Drowsey Monkey said...

I have to say I agree with you, and I'm in her demographic. I wouldn't "not" vote for someone because of their race, and in turn I wouldn't "vote" for someone simply based on their gender.

I get what all the feminists are saying, I am one, but if you want things to change you need to have someone who behaves "differently" at the top. She's just one of the boys. She broke a glass ceiling by being one of the boys ... those kinds of women we don't need at the top.

As a woman, I'm finding her pouty behavoiur now to be quite annoying and stereotypical. You didn't win, you ran a lousy race, don't stand their all pouty like a little girl stomping her feet because you're mad you didn't get what you wanted.

And don't even get me started on her azzhole husband! Maybe she'd have more credibility in my eyes if she had been a real woman and dumped his sorry ass long ago.

Okay ... I'm done. And I can't even vote in the US! HA!

gt281 said...

to Drowsey:
Well said...and much shorter than my reply....;-)

I am neither for or against Obama or McCain,, but the HIllaryDillary is another matter...No matter the gender,, a POS like that should not
be anywhere near the White House...
America will go on,, whether we elect McCain or Obama...

Ain't politics fun??..It gets the blood moving.....

Drowsey Monkey said...

POS? I don't know what that is.

I'm a political junkie, watching MSNBC right now...the only American cable news a Canadian can handle, lol.

Canadian politics are heating up right now, we just had a minister get fired for having left secret documents at his girlfriends place, who has stripper boobs and used to be married to a guy in the mob. Well,Hell's Angels. We don't usually get that juicy up here, but that's what's going on now. Our news casts are a lot more boring than yours yelling, we're all so reserved.

I'm not pro-obama or mccain either, but I find Obama has run an interesting campaign .. and seeing McCain run from the middle to the right has been interesting. He strikes me as a stand-up guy tho.

Drowsey Monkey said...

Hey, I bet you're enjoying seeing my face all in a row like this eh!? LOL

Lorelei said...

Drowsey - "POS" = "Piece of doo-doo"

GT - I really wish you'd stop being so noncommittal and just let us know where you stand. It's really annoying to have to try to figure you out. (HA)

BTW, thanks for clearing out some of the cobwebs over at Musings. I'm not planning on going back there very often since most of my time is now spent at Blogsdon.

gt281 said...

to Lorelei:
wtn,, tkjkas,, omg,, sadwll,, llk,,
tgif,, sdge,,....I'll
go there to annoy you and Don too...

Swubird said...