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Monday, May 26, 2008

IN MEMORY...............

IN MEMORY……………..

Iwo Jima laid in wait
It was a devils gate
Bastards battling on the black sand beach
Mt. Suribachi’s blackened dome loomed
In its shadow many would meet their doom…

Raise it higher and higher
The marines did say
And this they did that fateful day
The Stars and Stripes raised up high
Atop the mountains crown for all to see
The start of an island victory…

Wailing among the volcanic sand
Each man lent a helping hand
The flag does wave above them all
Cheers of joy,, tears of sorrow
Another battle on the morrow…

The black sand stained red with the
Life blood of young marines
The world be thankful they battled the evil tide
In the shadow of Mt. Suribachi they died
Dying for freedoms voice,, side by side
Simper fi…………

IN MEMORY……………..

In paradise,, everyone could dream
Morning’s soft light gleaming on the bay
Gray painted battleships all in a row
Lazy day of an early Sunday morn
All too easy to think all is norm
Just another day to while away
The band did play

From a hue of blue they flew
Watching from above the ships below
All was ready to strike the blow
Planes sent for destruction from Tokyo
Lighting steaming into battleship row
Bombs and torpedoes make the gray forms glow
A day of victory,, a day of infamy

Sailors and seamen caught by surprise
Tora,, Tora was the battle cry
Young warriors who would never be
Dead sons amid the fiery sea
Devastation all along the great gray line
Sinking giants and tears like rain
Trapped forever in gray steel tombs
Remember this day that these are heroes too….

IN MEMORY……………..

Green is the color all men know
Green is the color of heroes bold
Khaki brown in the forgotten sands
Khaki brown in far off lands
Colors of the earthen ground
Colors of valor the world around

From the beginning,, over here over there
Youths of valor have always been near
Striving in weather others would not toil
They go forth to give all for freedoms soil
Endless journeys in leather boots
Step apon step add up the mile
Weary are they that wear the colors
Youthful stares with a gallows smile

On distant shores,, in places without names
Pencil drawn battle lines on a map
Always forward never back
In foxholes shallow,, in streets of destruction
Forward forward till the day is won
Boots on the ground freeing the towns
Wayward are the thoughts of tomorrow
Just buddies beside during the battle roar
I can not ask them to give me anymore
For they give me all,, when they wear the
Colors of valor…………..

IN MEMORY……………..

In machines of mechanical marvel
Flying boxcars and silver arrows
Contrails formed in the sky hues
Streaking pass the speed of sound
Hurling thunderbolts to the ground
Climbing ever higher near the edge of space
The breast of men silver wings grace

Fighters streaking past in a blink of an eye
Bombers above unloading their deadly scythe
Transports of warriors and supplies
Metal monsters fill the sky
Props and jets testing mans limit
In cavernous hulks and cockpits small
Brave ones hear the call

Blessed defenders for men on the ground
Destruction delivered both by day and night
Striking mortal devils from an unseen height
Tis man alone that takes mechanical flight
Enola Gay ended one mighty fight
Let us pray for them each and every night
Angels on our shoulders that take to flight...........................


Marvin the Martian said...

A wonderful post! Thank you!

Here's one for you -

Swubird said...


A great tribute to our men in arms. I love the photos also. Aren't any of them yours?

HAve a great day.

Bob Johnson said...


gt281 said...

to AstroBob:
Thanks,, it was the least I could do in honor of all the men and women who watch my butt...