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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

THE OOZING GOO..............

They say it fell straight from the stars and crashed into Puget Sound,,
and it made a tidal wave perhaps 100 ft high,, with a surge that went
inland for maybe a hundred miles,, and it produced an earthquake
of about 5.7 on the Reiter scale,, I don’t know if that’s true or not,,
but that’s what I heard anyway…

What I do know is this,, that almost every scientist and astrophysicist
from around the globe,, wanted to get a look at this thing to see
what it was,, perhaps it was a meteorite or a piece of a comet,,
or maybe just some space junk that had fallen to the ground…
Well anyway,, they brought all their equipment and ships and
planes and submarines,, so they could retrieve this thing,,
whatever it was,, and then they could study it,, in their labs
somewhere…I guess it took about a month to find it and then
dig it up,, from what I hear they loaded it aboard a ship and
encased it in a lead box,, to keep it from getting contaminated
by our atmosphere or whatever… Kinda funny now,, when you
think about it,, we’re protecting it from us,, kinda funny,,
after all thats happened since then…

Well,, from what I know,, they took it to some lab in Baltimore,,
I think it was,, I wasn’t there so I’m not sure what really happened…
All I know is what I’ve heard and what I read in the papers and
saw on TV…
Well,, apparently these scientist took it to their lab and did all kinds
of experiments on it,, and they x-rayed it,, and looked at it under
high powered microscopes,, to figure out just what it was…
The best guess anyone had,, was that it was a meteorite,,
but they wanted to run a Gas-spectrometer test of it,,
I think that’s what they called it,, well to do that,, they had to
slice off a small piece of it and then theycould put in their machine…

Well,, I guess,, that’s when all the fun started,, they had this
meteorite all sealed up in a special lab,, and then they cut
just a small hunk of it off,, and as soon as they cut that piece off,,
some green slimy liquid goo,, came oozing out of it…

Well,, I guess,, that took everyone by surprise,, and they were real
excited about this green goo,, thinking it might be some kind of life
form or something,, you know,, that would be quite the discovery
if it was,, so I guess,, they scooped some of it up and put it in some test
tubes so they could study it closer,, just to see if it was a lifeform…

And they moved these test tubes into another lab,, one of those
extra extra clean rooms,, where everyone wears one of those plastic
moon suits,, that way they could study it real close and kinda get
hands on as it were… Now this is where things get a little jumbled
and I’m not sure if anybody knows what happened,, and I guess
it doesn’t really matter anyhow,, this is what I think happened,,
well,, I think maybe one of those scientists must have dropped
one of those test tubes onto the floor,, and it shattered and sent
glass pieces everywhere,, and I suppose that one of those glass
pieces went flying and must have cut right thru one of those
plastic moon suits of theirs,, well I think that was kinda of the
end of everything… Cause just as soon as that moon suit had a
hole in it,, that green slimy goo,, went right into it,, and well,,
that poor scientist fellow,, well,, he was kinda eaten up,,
and melted like,, by this green goo,, it seems that this goo feeds
on organic matter,, any kind of organic matter living or dead,,
any kind…. Then I suppose it escaped thru the air hoses and
breathing tubes or whatever,, cause it got out,, and it started
feeding on everything,, chairs, paper, walls, carpet, people,,
everything and anything that was organic,, and it kept growing
and growing…

Well,, of course the scientists and the military tried everything they
could think off to kill it,, they tried fire, and chemicals, acids, foams,
herbicides, pesticides,, everything,, but it didn’t do em any good,,
besides once it was out of that lab,, it was already too late,, it had
gotten too big and it had spread into everything and it even went
underground feeding on all the plants and roots,, I guess…

Yep,, they tried everything,, except the A-BOMB of course,,
no reason to spread it all around if they weren’t sure it could
do the job…
Well,, it took only about 2 years for it to consume every organic
thing on this planet,, yep,, it even went into the oceans and ate
everything there,, hell,, I even heard that it could eat the
microbes in the air…
I don’t know,, I’m no scientist,, all I know is that its everywhere
now…I don’t think it has a mind or anything like that,, I just
think it is,, that’s all,, it just is…

Who am I?.. I’m just one of the very few survivors of the human
race,, that’s all…There aren’t that many of us left,, I guess,,
haven’t heard from anybody in a long time,, maybe their all
dead now,, who knows…Me,, I’m just stuck here at the north pole,,
I’ve been here since the day it started,, there were 12 of us then,,
and now it’s just me and Henry Gladnoff,, all the rest have either,,
just taken off into the snow or they have shot themselves,,
just me and Henry left…

But we won’t be around much longer,, our supplies are almost gone,,
and then it will be the end for us… No where to run,, and no one
left to bring us supplies,, so we just pass the days waiting…

It seems that the green slimy goo,, doesn’t like the cold we have
up here,, at least not yet… Oh,, it can take the cold and the snow
but not the extreme cold and snow we have here,, it doesn’t make
much of a difference tho,, there’s nothing out there now,,
except that green goo… So I’m sending this transmission out,,
before all our powers gone,, to give you a warning,, maybe someone
will hear this,, who knows,, but I’m sending this warning out anyway…
Stay away from this planet… Don’t attempt to land,, stay away,,
and I guess I should also say that you should learn from our fate…
Be careful about what you stick your nose into,,
because it just might bite back……………………


Drowsey Monkey said...

I'm not helping you repopulate.

Nice to see you back in blog world.

gt281 said...

to Drowsey:
Damn and I was counting on you too...I have donuts and praying cheetos with funny shaped corn flakes........

The Faerie♥Kat said...

What happens to the goo when there's nothing left to eat, I wonder?

gt281 said...

to FaerieKat:
I'm afraid I don't know,, I caught the first available moonbeam and left......But my thought is that like all clintonites it will soon turn on itself.....

Lorelei said...

That goo is the color of my snot. Hmmmm

gt281 said...

to Lorelei:
thats really more information then
i need... maybe when it said "take me to your leader",, everyone pointed to your

Drowsey Monkey said...

what's wrong with my corn flake post? LOL I saw you talking about that at The Mrs' ... hmmmm.... :P