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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


They came out of the East some did say
But Iys knows different cuz I was there that day
They came a thundering out of the Western land
Swubird and his vicious gang of cutthroat thieves
Coming out the land of Pesos Bill looking for a thrill
There was Moonbeam Bob,, Miss Kitty Dedrowsey
And riding beside them all was Two-gun Tony
The most vile and vicious of them all
They came riding hard thru a cloud of dust
All liquored up on white lightin’ from a still
They was hankerin’ to make the townsfolk pay
With six guns blastin’ they came roarin’ down the road
Then suddenly the sheriff stood up near where they strode
Sheriff Marvin stood there that day with his
Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator cattle gun
And right behind him was that double pump honey
Mz Lorelei
Then the sheriff on his ladder did say
“Get out of my town or it’ll be your reckonin’ day”
But Swubird was in no mind to oblige
He just said “Get out of my way” and shot the sheriff
Now there he lies,, boo-hoo cried Mz Lorelei
Two banjo players came out of the saloon
Pickin’ and a strummin’ a happy tune
“I shot the sheriff,, but I did not shoot the deputy”
History was made that fateful day
When Swubird and his vicious gang rode thru the land
And as they left I plainly heard them say
“Happy trails to you,, until we meet again”………


Drowsey Monkey said...

Marvin's dead?

gt281 said...

to Drowsey:
He is?...Now who would do such a dastardly deed?...
Oh wait,, I guess I did…Funny how all the characters
in my stories end up dead,, ain’t it?...No need to worry,,
I’m sure he has a clone in his basement……

Swubird said...


You honor me my friend, as well as my old partner in crime, Tony. It is a wonderful little ballad, but I'm not surprised at its cleverness when I think of the master mind that produced it. You're the man. My Queen demanded that I print out a copy for her collection.

An Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator cattle gun? Love it. I want one.

Happy trails to you...until we meet again.

Marvin the Martian said...

You are NOT going to borrow MY Illudium Space Modulator. Getcher own! ;-)

gt281 said...

to Marvin:
Your dead,, finders keepers...

gt281 said...

to Swubird:
..... ;-)

Marvin the Martian said...

Luckily Martians heal quickly. Next time use a cannon. ;-)

Bob Johnson said...

swubird is a tough gang leader,but he is always polite to us. always telling us to have happy trails before we go off to loot.

gt281 said...

to AstroBob:(AKA moonbeam Bob),
I was sorry to see your pic on the wanted poster...Your running with
an EVILE gang,, you had better
get on the straight and narrow before your planted in boot hill....;-)